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Mexican week at LSE, 21-24 February

Leading politicians, economists and policy makers are taking part in a Mexican Week at LSE from 21 to 24 February.

This also times with the latest Urban Age conference| to be held in Mexico City| on the 24 and 25 February. 

Organised by LSE's 120-strong student Mexican Society, the week's events in London comprise:

  • Tuesday 21 February, Lecture 1pm, Old Theatre, LSE
    Dealing with a divided congress: the experience of Veracruz
    Speaker: Governor Fidel Herrera Beltrán
    Discussant: Dr Francisco Panizza, Government Department at LSE

  • Tuesday 21 February, Lecture, 7.30pm, D602, Clement House, LSE
    The Effects of Government Change on Economic Stability
    Speaker: Francisco Gil Díaz, Mexico's secretary of treasury
    Chair: Professor George Philip, convenor of the Department of Government at LSE

  • Wednesday 22 February, Roundtable, 4.30-6pm, D502, Clement House, LSE
    Economic Policy Debate: convergences and divergences
    Speakers: Dr Rogelio Ramírez de la O (PRD), MP Francisco Suárez Dávila (PRI), MP Gustavo Madero Muñoz (PAN)
    Chair: Benjamin Aleman Castilla, Department of Economics, at LSE

  • Thursday 23 February, Roundtable, 6.30pm, New Theatre, East Building, LSE
    Mexico's Political Foresight in 2006: polls, campaigns and political analysis
    Speakers: Dr José Antonio Aguilar (CIDE), Dr Luis Rubio (CIDAC), Professor Jesús Silva Herzog Márquez (ITAM)
    Chair: Professor George Philip, convenor of the Department of Government at LSE

  • Friday 24 February, Lectura, 4pm, New Theatre, East Building, LSE
    Organised Crime under Siege: reinforcing state instruments to address public insecurity in the presidency of Vicente Fox
    Speaker: José Luís Santiago Vasconcelos, deputy attorney general for special investigation into organized crime
    Discussant: Professor Michael Levi, Department of Sociology at University of Cardiff

  • Friday 24 February, Roundtable, 6pm, D502, Clement House, LSE
    Mexico's challenges on National Security: where the armed forces are heading?
    Speakers: José Luís Pyñeiro, Carlos Resa Nestares and Michael Levi
    Chair: Mr. Jesús López, Government Department, LSE

The LSESU Mexican Society is the largest representation of Mexican students in Europe. Jesús López, president of the LSESU Mexican Society, said: 'This is the ninth year that LSE students have organised a Mexican Week at the School. We are very pleased to welcome such significant speakers.'

For more details, see http://www.mexsoc-lse.org.uk/| 


  • To reserve a press seat or for more information on the London events, please contact Gisela Osorio, Su.Soc.Mexican@lse.ac.uk, Mobile 079 4693 0034
  • For more information on the Urban Age conference in Mexico City, contact Mira Dikanarova, 020 7955 7706, email: urban.age@lse.ac.uk (Please note the Urban Age conference is not a public event, guest participants only)

15 February 2006