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LSE and Fudan University, Shanghai, launch double master's degree

LSE and Fudan University, Shanghai, are delighted to announce the launch of a new LSE-Fudan double degree master's programme.

The new LSE-Fudan double master's in Global Media and Communications is a two year programme set to commence in 2007-08. Applications for the programme will commence from October 2006. The first year of the programme will be based at LSE's Department of Media and Communications, and the second year at Fudan University's School of Journalism.

Students who successfully complete the programme will graduate with two master's degrees, one from each university. Students on the double degree programme will also have the opportunity to study Chinese in London in their first year. During the second year at Fudan all academic courses will be taught in English, but there will be further courses on Chinese language and civilisation.

The double degree will address the study of media and communications as a global phenomenon and from global perspectives. The programme introduces students to advanced theories in media and communications and research methods in the field. The second year at Fudan will focus on Chinese media and communications in a comparative global context.

During the launch of the programme at Fudan University, Shanghai on 14 September, LSE deputy director for external relations and research, Professor Sarah Worthington, met with Fudan University's Chancellor, Professor Qin Shao De.

Professor Worthington said: 'The launch of this double degree marks a further step in the developing relationship between the LSE and Fudan University. This new degree programme is a special initiative designed to give both universities an opportunity to educate a new generation of thinkers and leaders in media and communications. The academic partnership will give students greater exposure to a wide range of ideas and concepts on global media and communications. Students can participate in this truly global programme, having a greater access to a variety of intellectual resources and academic excellence at the LSE and Fudan.'

Dr Terhi Rantanen, director of the MSc Programme in Global Media and Communications| at LSE said: 'We are extremely delighted to start our new partnership with Fudan University. The new programme underlines the importance not to study only Western media and to increase our understanding of Chinese media and communications. It will educate students from outside China to become specialists on Chinese media and communications, with an emphasis on Chinese journalism. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in internships in media organizations during their time at Fudan. This will be our second pioneering programme, with the opportunity to study both in London and in Shanghai, and complements our existing programme with the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.'

Professor Yu Zhen Wei, executive dean and director of the programme at Fudan's School of Journalism remarked: 'Fudan University is delighted to partner with LSE in the delivery of this double master's degree in Global Media and Communications. At Fudan we believe this programme is unique, offering students the chance to partake in study in a truly global manner for two degrees, studying in two major international cities, London and Shanghai. The second year of this programme at Fudan will provide students with unique insights to the historical evolution and contemporary developments of media and communications in China from a global comparative perspective.'

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For further information on this programme, please contact Dr Terhi Rantanen, LSE, email: t.rantanen@lse.ac.uk| 

14 September 2006