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LSE India week

Nobel Prize winner Professor Amartya Sen will participate in a ceremony at LSE to mark the Republic Day of India on Thursday 26 January.

The event honours Dr BR Ambedkar, founder of the Indian Constitution and an LSE alumnus. A statue of Dr BR Ambedkar, a graduate student at LSE in the early 1920s, stands in the foyer outside the Hong Kong Theatre in Clement House. Professor Sen will garland the statue at 6pm on 26 January before giving a public lecture at 6.30pm on Economics as a Discipline| at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

This ceremony is one of a series of events that have been organised as part of India Week at LSE, which takes place from Monday 23 to Friday 27 January. The week is organised by the LSESU SPICE (Society for the Promotion of Indian Culture and Ethos), in cooperation with the Indian, Hindu, Krishna Consciousness, Islamic and Christian Union societies.

Other events scheduled include an inauguration ceremony on Monday 23 January with Dr Atul Khare, the minister of culture from the Indian High Commission, and LSE deputy director Professor Tim Murphy; a student conference on Kashmir; a screening of the movie Gandhi; yoga and cooking workshops; and a tsunami and earthquake victims memorial event.

For a full schedule or more information, please contact Kanan Dhru, SPICE Society president, at k.dhru@lse.ac.uk| 

19 January 2006