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Germany Symposium 2006

LSE, 27 February to 3 March  

The LSE SU German Society holds its annual German Symposium at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) from Monday 27 February to 3 March. The week of public lectures, discussions, receptions and cultural events will put Germany at the centre of LSE.

Special guests at this year's German Symposium include Thomas de Maizière, head of the German Federal Chancellery, Lothar Bisky, leader of the Linkspartei.PDS (Left Party), and Michel Friedman, former department chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. There will also be two panel discussions: on the promotion of academic elites, and on current economic affairs.

The German Symposium aims to promote public debate with well known German and international experts in the areas of politics, business and culture. For details of the schedule see below.

Monday 27 February

  • 3pm, Room H104, Connaught House
    Germany's involvement in the UN with special focus on the UNESCO
    SPEAKER: Hans-Heinrich Wrede, ambassador of Germany to the UNESCO in Paris
  • Immigration and Integration in Germany
    SPEAKER: Cem Özdemir, MEP - The Greens / European Free Alliance
    Time and venue to be posted at www.lsegs.de 
  • 5pm, Room D302, Clement House
    Discussion about the promotion of academic elites in Germany und the United Kingdom
    SPEAKERS: Professor Peter Gruss, president of the Max-Planck-Society. Edelgard Bulmahn, federal minister for education and research. Professor David VandeLinde, vice-chancellor of the University of Warwick. Dr Robert Leonardi, European Institute, LSE

Tuesday 28 February

  • 3pm, Room D520, Clement House
    Communicating Germany - Germany as a brand
    SPEAKER: Dr Marcel Reichart, managing director of marketing and communications, Hubert Burda Media
  • 5pm, Room G1, 20 Kingsway
    Germany after the federal elections 2005. The new Left Party and its chances for the future
    SPEAKER: Professor Lothar Bisky, Leader Linkspartei.PDS - Left Party

Thursday 2 March

  • 4pm, Shaw Library, Old Building
    Suggestions for economic growth and job creation in Germany
    SPEAKER: Dr Thomas de Maizière, chief of staff, German Federal Chancellery
  • 6.30pm, Room E171, East Building
    The German paradox: Are stellar company profits and a dismal economic performance here to stay?
    SPEAKERS: Professor Norbert Walter, chief economist, Deutsche Bank. Colin T Roy, CEO, Greenhill Germany. Joachim Spill, director, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Friday 3 March

  • 3pm, Room S75, St Clement's Building
  • The life of the Jewish population in Germany today and the issue of tolerance between Germans and immigrants, as well as between different groups of immigrants
    SPEAKER: Dr Michel Friedman, former department chairman, the Central Council of Jews in Germany

The German Symposium concludes with the traditional Oktoberfest in the Underground Bar.

For the latest schedule and more information on the German Society, see www.lsegs.de|


A copy of this press release in German is available on request.

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LSE SU German Society
The LSE SU German Society promotes an interest in German culture, politics, economics and language amongst the student body of the London School of Economics. The society is run solely by German-speaking students at LSE. Membership of the society is open to everyone. 

The events of the society include lectures and debates with high profile German and international speakers on a broad range of topics related to Germany, as well as a variety of social and cultural events. An important focus of the society is to put German-speaking LSE-Students in contact with future employers. The German Society has organised several such Symposia (formerly known as the German Week) in previous years, with key speakers including Joschka Fischer, Rolf Breuer, Ulla Schmidt, Friedrich Merz and Harald Schmidt.

Please check the German Society website for possible changes of the schedule: www.lsegs.de|

17 February 2006