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The Observer publishes LSE Depression Report

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This Sunday, 3 September 2006, The Observer newspaper circulated to all its readers a copy of the LSE's Depression Report, written by the Centre for Economic Performance's Mental Health Policy Group, led by Professor Lord Richard Layard.

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust supports this report wholeheartedly and has funded this publication. The trust was set up to commemorate Charlie Waller who took his own life due to depression at the age of 28:

'Charlie Waller was strong, good looking, intelligent, had a wonderful partner, a loving family, loads of friends and a good position in a job he loved. He decided the only way out of the hell he was living in was to kill himself.'

The LSE's Depression Report notes that depression and anxiety disorders affect up to one in three families, and urges that psychological therapy should be made available to all people suffering from depression, chronic anxiety and schizophrenia. This is what the guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) prescribe, but they are not currently being implemented because the therapy services are not there.

According to the authors of the report, there should be a proper psychological therapy service in every part of the country by 2013. Such a service would pay for itself in the reduced expenditure on incapacity benefits from people being able to go back to work.

The report has received the support of The Observer, The Guardian, the Royal College of General Practitioners and leading mental health charities - Mind, Rethink, the Mental Health Foundation and the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health.

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Note for editors

Lord Layard is available for interview. Lord Layard's telephone numbers are: work: 020-7955-7048; mobile: 07790-906206; home: 020-8341-7771.

The Report is written by the Mental Health Policy Group of the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at LSE. The group includes nine distinguished academics and practitioners, including Lord Layard (the chair), Professor David Clark and Baroness Meacher, all of whom are available for interview.

For further information about the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, contact Michael Lord: lords@mlord6.freeserve.co.uk|. Nicola Harris is Secretary to the Trustees of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust: 0118 974 5216 (Tues -Fri) or email: admin@cwmt.org| 

To speak to representatives of the mental health charities, contact Andy Bell, Director of Communications at the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health on 07810 503638.

Press cuttings

Western Mail, Wales
Mental illness cost economy billions
Anxiety and depression cost the UK economy £12bn a year, according to a report from the London School of Economics. The Mental Health Policy Group at the LSE's Centre for Economic Performance has concluded psychological therapy is as effective as medication, but warns that in most cases there is a waiting list of more than nine months for this form of treatment.

4 September 2006