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Aviation safety research from LSE's CARR cited by the UK's chief medical officer

Research by an LSE academic has provided 'fascinating insights' into aviation safety and risk, the UK's chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson said in his annual report, published today (21 July).

Dr Carl Macrae's work on aviation risk management is mentioned in the annual report On the State of Public Health|, published by the Department of Health.

In chapter three, entitled 'Learning to Fly: drawing parallels between aviation safety and patient safety', the report says: 'The aviation industry has well established, formal reporting systems for safety incident reporting and risk analysis. Until recently, there has been relatively little research and knowledge on how reporting systems actually operate once they are set up. In particular, the day-to-day practice of investigators in assessing incidents and using them to manage risks has not been well understood. Fascinating insights are provided by research recently undertaken by Dr Carl Macrae into how airline safety staff use and interact with information about risks to safe air travel.'

Dr Macrae is an ESRC postdoctoral fellow at LSE, based in the ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR). He said: 'Near miss incidents are widely used to oversee and manage risk in civil aviation. It is gratifying to see that this research has been noted and praised by one of the leading figures in the public health field. Myself and colleagues are concluding current research and intend to publish more and engage in further debate on risk management, in aviation and patient care sectors, in the coming year.'

To read a short summary of Dr Macrae's research on aviation risk, see CARR's biannual magazine Risk&Regulation, summer 2006 issue|.


Contact Dr Carl Macrae at c.macrae@lse.ac.uk|, tel: 020 7955 6346.


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posted 21 July 2006