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Tsunami crisis - academic experts from LSE available for media comment

Below is a list of LSE academics available for expert comment on issues related to the tsunami crisis. Please click on the academic's name to access more information on their area of expertise and for contact details.  



Bangladesh Dr David Lewis
Burma Dr Jürgen Haacke
Debt relief Dr Eric Neumayer
  Julius Sen
  Professor Robert Hunter Wade
  Dr Linda Yueh
East Africa Dr Tim Allen
Economic effects - global Dr Razeen Sally
  Professor Robert Hunter Wade
  Dr Linda Yueh
Environmental policy and economics Dr Giles Atkinson
  Dr Tim Forsyth 
  Dr Andy Gouldson
  Professor David Jones
Global/Environmental and climate change Dr Gautam Appa
  Dr Tim Forsyth 
  Professor David Jones  
  Dr Eric Neumayer
  Professor Gwyn Prins
India Dr Gautam Appa
  Professor Robert Cassen
  Professor Timothy Dyson
  Dr Tim Forsyth
  Julius Sen
Indonesia Dr Kirsten Schulze
International/foreign aid Philippa Atkinson
  Dr Eric Neumayer
  Dr Waltraud Schelkle
Investment, trade and the environment Dr Andy Gouldson
  Dr Eric Neumayer
Natural hazard management Professor David Jones
NGOs/voluntary sector Richard Fries
  Professor John Harriss
  Dr Jeremy Kendall
  Dr David Lewis
  Professor Judith Rees
Southeast Asia politics, economics and development Dr Jürgen Haacke
  Dr James Putzel
  Dr Razeen Sally
Sri Lanka Dr Sumantra Bose
Thailand Dr Tim Forsyth
Tourism and environment Dr Tim Forsyth
UK response/public attitude in the UK Professor Rodney Barker
  Professor Patrick Dunleavy
  Tony Travers
United Nations Dr Jenny Kuper
  Professor Mary Kaldor
  Professor Paul Taylor
Water Professor Judith Rees

6 January 2005