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Investment and Reform: transforming health and healthcare

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Tuesday 13 December, 10-11.15am
Shaw Library, Old Building, LSE

Patricia Hewitt MP, secretary of state for health, will give a lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) on Tuesday 13 December.

The lecture is titled Investment and Reform: transforming health and healthcare and is LSE Health and Social Care's 2005 annual lecture.

The health secretary will set out the government's reform programme for the NHS, explain how government reforms will create a patient-led NHS, where improvements to standards of healthcare are continuous and driven by patients not politicians. She will tackle issues such as use of the private sector to deliver NHS services, greater choice for patients, and getting efficiency, productivity and better value for money, and place the reform programme in the context of social democratic values and a fast-changing society with complex, diverse and ever-increasing demands on our system of health care. 

Elias Mossialos, Brian Abel-Smith Professor of Health Policy at LSE and co-director of LSE Health and Social Care, will chair the event. 

This event is free and open to all with no ticket required. 


For more information, or to reserve a press seat, contact:


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Click here to download a PDF of the publication Health reform in England: Update and next steps by the Department of Health|

Press cuttings

Hewitt refutes 'meltdown' claim but says NHS is still failing (14 Dec 05)
Health secretary Patricia Hewitt used a speech to LSE to say that reforms were part of the solution to the ills of the NHS, not its problem.

Daily Express
No crisis in the NHS, says Hewitt. So why are lots of operations being delayed? (14 Dec 05)
In a speech to LSE, health secretary Patricia Hewitt said that 'virtually no one' - rather than simply no one - will wait more than six months for an operation from the end of this month. 

Hewitt accepts competition in NHS reforms (14 Dec 05)
Health secretary Patricia Hewitt said in a lecture at LSE: "Where we mean competition, we should say so, instead of pretending contestability is something different. Yes, money will follow the patient. But why should choice, innovation, competition and financial discipline be confined to private markets? 

The NHS needs localisation, not regulated privatisation (14 Dec 05)
Last night at the LSE health secretary Patricia Hewitt signalled that Labour was aiming at a third reorganisation of the NHS. 

Reforms 'not to blame for NHS debt crisis' (13 Dec 05) 

Short-stay hospital patients face charge for painkillers (13 Dec 05)
Health secretary Patricia Hewitt will argue in a lecture at LSE, that health reform is not causing an alleged deficit in the NHS, but is the solution to the problem. 

Evening Standard
What NHS crisis? (13 Dec)
Health secretary Patricia Hewitt was optimistic as she told the London School of Economics that the majority of deficits were in a minority of NHS organisations and a new payment system would encourage efficiency - meaning waiting lists would vanish.

Hewitt to stand firm on NHS deficits (13 Dec 05)

BBC News Online
Hospital waits 'still too long' (13 Dec 05)

Financial Times
Health service IT programme review (13 Dec 05)

NHS heading for £7bn deficit (12 Dec)
Health secretary Patricia Hewitt, set out her vision for the NHS in a speech to LSE this week. 

7 December 2005