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The Identity Card Bill: what model might work?

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The UK government has now confirmed that a revised form of the Identity Cards Bill will go back to the House of Commons.

In previous House of Lords discussions in March, many peers raised questions about the earlier bill based on an LSE interim report. The report, The Identity Project: an assessment of the UK Identity Cards Bill and its implications, was a major root and branch analysis of the Identity Cards Bill at that stage.

The Identity Project is now looking at any changes made in the interim period and will produce a final version of their report in time for the Commons' consideration phase.

The interim report was initiated and hosted by the School's Department of Information Systems and involved senior academics from ten centres and departments across the School.

While it supported the concept of a national identity system for the UK, it recommended a different model. The authors felt that the consequences of the initial proposals might include 'failure of systems, unforeseen financial costs, increased security threats and unacceptable imposition on citizens.'

In March the authors said: 'The success of a national identity system depends on a sensitive, cautious and co-operative approach involving all key stakeholder groups including an independent and rolling risk assessment and a regular review of management practices. The risk of failure in the current proposals is therefore magnified to the point where the scheme should be regarded as a potential danger to the public interest and to the legal rights of individuals.'

The team's full interim report can be downloaded:
The Identity Project: an assessment of the UK Identity Cards Bill and its implications|


To read the March press release and press cuttings on the report, click here|

Press cuttings

Liverpool Daily Post
Cost of ID cards (1 June 05)
A report by the London School of Economics has shown the true costs of ID cards could be between £12 billion and £18 billion, the equivalent of £300 per person. According to Clir Steve Radford, President of the Liberal Party, ID cards will become Labour's plastic poll tax.

ID cards plan faces increased hostility (1 June 05)
Experts at the London School of Economics (LSE) say costs could rise as high as £300 per person, on top of infrastructure costs of £18bn, according to a report seen by The Observer.

Computing UK
(1 June 05)

IT Week, Netherlands (1 June 05)

Web Pro News (1 June 05)

The top stories (31 May 05)
The cost of identity cards has risen to £93 each. A new Government analysis of the price of the project takes into account problems with biometric testing technology and they now estimate the overall cost at £5.8 billion over 10 years. However the London School of Economics, who have also analysed the scheme, believe that the cost could top £18 billion - three times the Government estimate.  

£300 identity cards could be Labour's poll tax, say Tories (30 May 05)

Financial Times
Ministers deny ID cards will carry a high price (30 May 05)

The Sun
Cost of ID card trebles (30 May 05) 

The Mirror
£300 ..The real cost of an ID card (30 May 05)

The Inquirer
ID Cards might be on the ropes (30 May 05)

News Statesman
When the eyes don't have it (30 May 05)
Article looks at the debate over ID cards. Reference to research by LSE published in March, noted in The Identity Project: an assessment of the UK Identity Cards Bill and its implications that the bill includes potential violations of Article 8 (privacy) and Article 14 (discrimination) of the European Convention on Human Rights. They also found it to be in direct conflict with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 - to which the government's solution is simply to lift the scheme out of the data protection regime.

Sunday Times
Government in ID card talks with firms before Bill passed (29 May 05) 

ID cards to cost £300 per person (29 May 05) 

Independent on Sunday
ID cards to cost £300 each, says LSE study (29 May 05)

Sky News
ID cards could cost £300 (29 May 05)

BBC News Online
ID cards scheme 'may cost £18bn' (29 May 05)

The Herald, Glasgow
ID card costs 'could rise to £300 a head' (29 May 05) 

Cost of ID cards could soar -report (29 May 05)

New claims over rising cost of ID cards (29 May 05)

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