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What are human rights? Part-time evening courses with the experts

Human rights - often mentioned but really understood? From February 2006 LSE's Centre for the Study of Human Rights is offering a new series of short evening courses with an impressive range of speakers.

This will be the third year the Centre has run a certificate course, with 106 participants to date achieving a Centre certificate in International Human Rights Law and Practice.

In 2006, however, there are additional new offerings. The certificate courses are convened by Jonathan Cooper, a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers and an experienced and highly respected expert in human rights education and training. In response to feedback from previous participants, Jonathan Cooper has also developed two new human rights courses:

  • Law, war and human rights: February to March 2006 (five-week course). 
    Speakers will include Professors Christine Chinkin, Conor Gearty, and Christopher Greenwood and Dr Gerry Simpson.
  • Understanding women's human rights: June to July 2006 (five-week course). 
    Speakers will include Dr Fareda Banda, Professor Christine Chinkin, Phillippa Kaufmann and Professor Aileen McColgan.
  • Certificate in International Human Rights Law and Practice: October to December 2006 (ten-week course). 
    Speakers will include Nick Blake QC, Rabinder Singh QC and Keir Starmer QC, as well as LSE Professors Chinkin, Gearty and Greenwood.

Another innovation this year is to offer alongside the course some discussion-based seminars (one seminar for the five week course, two for the ten-week certificate course). These seminars will be entirely optional and, unlike the main course sessions, attendance is not required in order for participants to qualify for the certificate.

All of these courses can enrol a maximum of 40 participants. The fee for the ten-week certificate course is £1,790. Each of the two five-week courses costs £990.

As before, the Centre is using some of the fee income to subsidise five half-price places on each course. These places are aimed at those who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend. Such provision has helped to increase participation from the NGO sector in particular.

Professor Conor Gearty said: "We've had excellent feedback for the Certificate course which is why we're extending the options. People have enrolled from NGO, civil service and business backgrounds as well as the legal profession itself. Human rights are fascinating, topical and likely to become more significant over the next decade. These courses aim to offer a rigorous overview from those very much involved in the debate."

To find out more and apply, see http://www.lse.ac.uk/humanrights| 


1 December 2005