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Citizen Mobile - opportunities and challenges of the mobile society

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Monday 4 April, 9.30-7pm, with industry panel discussion from 5.30-7pm
Tuesday 5 April, 9.30am-5pm

The LSE Department of Information Systems hosts the fifth annual Social Study of IT (SSIT5) workshop on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 April at LSE. The workshop will explore some of the opportunities and challenges of the mobile society and features a panel discussion on Monday 4 April with speakers from academia and industry.

The discussion on Monday evening, Citizen Mobile: opportunities and challenges of the mobile society, includes industry panellists from Microsoft, Orange, Vodafone and British Telecom, among many others. Debate will focus on the experiences of the individual as a consumer, worker and social being. Among the questions to be explored are:

  • How does mobile technologies influence the ways we manage each other?
  • How does it move us from being consumers to being active producers of information?
  • How are our social lives changing with these technologies?
  • How does it allow us to experience the world differently?
  • Is there a risk that excessive communication makes us less reflective more reliant on sedimented habits?

The two day workshop, Mobile Interaction: individuals, organisations and infrastructures, will focus on three aspects of mobile interaction:

  • The individual managing their interaction at work using mobile technologies. Their experiences and emotions related to the day-to-day work through and with the technology 
  • Organisational contexts where mobile technologies serve as a means of improving organisational performance through supporting remote and mobile collaboration
  • Global infrastructures affording the essential capabilities of mobile technologies through implementing local or global standards in the context of competition, markets and regulation.

Presentations over the two days will be given by:

  • Dr Steinar Kristofferesen, Department of Informatics, Oslo University, Norway
  • Professor Gideon Kunda, Department of Labour Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Dr Eric Laurier, Department of Geography and Geomatics, University of Glasgow, UK
  • Professor Kalle Lyytinen, Weatherhead School of Management, Cast Western Reserve University, USA
  • Professor Urban Nulden, Department of Informatics, Gothenburg University, Sweden
  • Professor Kevin Warwick, Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading, UK
  • Professor William Webb, head of research, Ofcom, UK

Further information about the workshop, including a programme of events, can be found at:

The 5th Social Study of IT workshop at the LSE, Mobile Interaction: individuals, organisations and infrastructures, is on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 April in the Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, LSE, Houghton Street, London.

Citizen Mobile: opportunities and challenges of the mobile society is from 5.30-7pm on Monday 4 April at LSE.  


To register for this event: email Emma Keys with PANEL in the header, at e.s.keys@lse.ac.uk| 
Or contact: Jessica Winterstein, LSE Press Office, on 020 7955 7060, email j.Winterstein@lse.ac.uk| 


Participating in the panel debate on Monday 4 April, 5.30-7pm, are:

  • Steve Atkinson, chief technology officer, Morse
  • Peter Brown, director of strategy business solutions, Orange
  • Jim Connor, director, CSTIM Ltd
  • Hugh Davies, director of public relations, Microsoft
  • Steve Evans, CEO BT Mobile, British Telecom
  • John Higgins, director general, IntellectUK
  • Zahid Khan, director, Morebalance
  • Professor Gideon Kunda, Tel Aviv University
  • Giles Lane, curator, Proboscis
  • Stephen Palmer, Emap Performance, Emap
  • Stephen Parry, international manager, group public policy, Vodafone
  • Scarlet Pruit, journalist, IDG News Service
  • Professor Kevin Warwick, University of Reading

The Social Study of IT workshop is supported by the research network for mobile interaction and pervasive social devices. More information at: www.mobility.lse.ac.uk| 

The workshop will be followed by the SSIT Open Rearch Forum on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 April. 

31 March 2005