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AU Barrel incident on Friday 2 December

Update: 9 December

LSE Director Howard Davies said: 'This week I asked those LSE students who went to King's College as part of the AU Barrel to own up to the Students' Union that they took part in this regrettable incident. Almost 150 students have come forward to acknowledge their presence and responsibility. Those students who have admitted their involvement but neither caused damage nor led the incident will, firstly, each pay £80 towards the cost of repairing the damage at King's, and secondly, carry out some voluntary service of the School's choosing. This action has been endorsed by LSE's Court of Governors.

'Senior LSE staff are also discussing with the Students' Union about dealing with those individuals who caused damage and/or led the incident. It may be that those who voluntarily admit and who are willing both to pay the full costs of their actions and to accept some form of sanction in respect of Union activities will not have to face formal disciplinary action. LSE staff alongside King's security staff and police are reviewing CCTV footage of the incident. This is to see if any individuals may be particularly liable or may face formal disciplinary action or criminal charges.

'We hope that in this way LSE students who have by now reflected on their actions at King's will be able to begin to repair the damage to their reputation and that of the School's. LSE is also continuing discussions on the measures needed to prevent this incident from happening again.'


Note: Some press reports have mentioned the Director's participation in the AU Barrel. The Barrel is an annual end of term event held by the sports societies of the Students' union. Howard Davies, in this and previous years, attended for a short time in the Three Tuns bar at the start of the event. As he previously said: 'It is very disappointing that a group should have allowed what is normally an enjoyable day to degenerate into an incident which has shamed the School.'

6 December  

The following is a statement from the LSE Student's Union, see http://www.lsesu.com/main/news|

'The London School of Economics Students' Union deeply regrets the events of Friday 2 December 2005.

The Students' Union strongly condemns the actions of a splinter group of individuals from the Athletics' Union Barrel which resulted in the annual run being diverted to King's College London.

We have already met with representatives from King's College, King's College Students' Union, LSE and King's College Security. We have offered our most sincere apologies and promised to cover the costs of repair to property.

We have made formal apologies to King's College and in particular the English Department. A full and thorough investigation is now under way and the Students' Union is working with the LSE to take appropriate action against the individuals involved.

The Students' Union is committed to resolving the events of last Friday to the satisfaction of all those affected and this will be our number one priority.

The Athletics' Union Barrel is intended to be a light hearted end of term event and we are enormously disappointed that this was not the case this year.

The actions of these individuals does not reflect the attitudes and behaviour of the majority of LSE students.'

Statement from the School on Monday 6 December

LSE Director Howard Davies said: 'We greatly regret the damage and disturbance caused by a number of our students. It is very disappointing that a group should have allowed what is normally an enjoyable day to degenerate into an incident which has shamed the School. The incidents are being investigated. Depending on the outcome of those investigations, and the willingness of those involved to accept their responsibilities, the School will deal with them as seems appropriate.'


6 December 2005