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Science and Religion: conflict or peaceful coexistence?

Ever since Galileo confronted the Church over whether the earth moves round the sun, science and religion seem to have been set on a potential collision course. The impact of Darwin's theory of evolution is another case in point.

Three leading academics discuss the present state of play in a debate on science and religion on Monday 24 May at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Debating the issue are:

  • Peter Atkins, professor of chemistry at the University of Oxford and a leading exponent of hard-line reductionist approach that no longer sees any need for religion.
  • Peter Lipton, Hans Rausing Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge, who will speak from the point of view of Judaism
  • Keith Ward, Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford, who approaches the debate from a Christian theist perspective.

This Centre for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) Popper Debate will be chaired by Professor Michael Redhead, LSE.

Science and Religion: conflict or peaceful coexistence? is on Monday 24 May at 5.30pm in the Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE, Houghton St, London WC2A. This event is free and open to all with no ticket required.


To request a press seat, please contact Jessica Winterstein, LSE Press Office, on 020 7955 7060 or email j.Winterstein@lse.ac.uk|

11 May 2004