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The University of London's External Programme in Greece

The University of London's External Programme in Greece enables students to study the social sciences.

From George Kiloh, Academic Registrar

The University of London's External Programme| in Greece enables students to study the social sciences in their home country, with programmes offered by a number of institutions. References that have appeared in the Greek press that LSE is intending to establish a campus in Athens or offer our own degree programmes are inaccurate, as these are Greek institutions offering tuition for the degrees available through the External Programme of the University of London.

The University of London External Programme means that any institution anywhere in the world can offer tuition for external students. As such LSE does not have a formal relationship with the institutions who are teaching the degree programmes. As lead college LSE is responsible for the academic content of the syllabus but not the standards of teaching or service to students.

For the Diploma in Economics alone, LSE gives certain institutions permission to teach. Institutions must satisfy the School that they meet required standards: they are then responsible for selecting students who have the necessary academic ability, motivation and potential to complete the Diploma programme successfully, and they must provide the necessary academic and pastoral support to enable students to succeed.

DEI (Thessaloniki) and Athens University of Economics and Business (Athens) are the only institutions in Greece that have been granted permission to teach the Diploma in Economics.

It was in 1858 that the University of London established the External Programme specifically for students who wanted to study for a University of London degree but who could not study in the conventional way. Although the study experience is different, the University makes no distinction in the quality of the award gained by external and internal students.

As a college of the University of London, LSE lead college for undergraduate studies in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences for the External Programme. This means that the LSE is responsible for the academic development of the qualifications listed below. Academic staff from LSE plan the syllabuses, develop and write study materials, set the examination papers and mark scripts, ensuring that external students are examined to the same high standard as students attending LSE.

Qualifications which are designed by LSE and available through the External Programme are:

  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Accounting with Law/Law with Accounting
  • BSc Banking and Finance
  • BSc Business
  • BSc Development and Economics
  • BSc Economics
  • BSc Economics and Management
  • BSc Information Systems and Management
  • BSc Management
  • BSc Management with Law/Law with Management
  • BSc Politics and International Relations
  • BSc Sociology
  • Diploma in Economics

In addition, this year (with the first examinations in May/June 2005) we have introduced Diplomas for Graduates, and a Graduate Entry Route to the degrees. The Diploma for Graduates is a four unit course, intended for graduates of any discipline who wish to secure a stand alone qualification in this field, which may be used as a basis for potential progression into postgraduate study in this area. The Graduate Entry Route provides an accelerated pathway to a BSc degree for those students who hold a degree in another discipline. Students on the Graduate Entry Route would take a total of nine full units, instead of the twelve units currently required on the 'standard route'.

For each of these programmes, the University of London manages the overall administration of the External Programme, dealing with marketing and promotion, course enquiries, admissions, registrations, examination procedures and despatch of study materials. Students who enrol in the External Programme are external students of the University of London rather than LSE.

With the exception of the Diploma in Economics (here students must attend an institution that has been granted permission to teach by LSE) external students of the University of London can choose to study independently or with the support of a local institution.


15 October 2004