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European Mayors 2004 - Barcelona 13 and 14 February

The mayors of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Frankfurt, Malaga and Helsinki will meet with their colleagues from other European cities in Barcelona on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 February to discuss the key social and spatial issues affecting urban change in cities across the world.

European Mayors 2004 is the second annual event, organised by Aula Barcelona (Fundacio CIDOB) and LSE (LSE Cities Programme) with the support of the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

This is a special face-to-face event where mayors share experiences on how their cities are tackling the problems of increasing social inequality and the potential for cultural diversity in the context of global change. The mayor of Washington, Anthony Williams, will contribute a US perspective on urban regeneration and development.

Each mayor will present a case study of an area that is being transformed. Academic and technical experts from Europe and the USA will respond to presentations of urban regeneration - from new strategies to improve and integrate deprived areas in London, Newcastle, Leipzig, Antwerp and Glasgow to successful inner city transformations in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Malaga and Naples. Experts include architects Richard Rogers and Manuel Sola Morales, as well as urban commentators and policymakers such as LSE's Professors Richard Sennett, Saskia Sassen and Anne Power.

Ricky Burdett|, director of LSE Cities Programme said: 'The aim of the conference is to promote understanding between elected civil leader and exchange views on the underlying trends that connect and intersect beneath the emerging 'Europe of Cities' and their changing regional and national contexts.'


Notes for editors

  • European Mayors 2004 is sponsored by Ajuntament de Barcelona, the Minerva LSE Research Group, the Alfred Herrhausen Society for International Dialogue and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment.
  • Aula Barcelona is sponsored by FC, Media Planning, Aigues de Barcelona, Ros Roca, Freixenet, RACC and Ercros.
  • For a full list of participants and the programme, please click here
  • The first European Mayors conference was held in London in February 2003, with the participation of 17 cities including the mayors of Istanbul, London and Barcelona. A compendium of European Mayors 2003 is available from the organisers with summaries of presentations and expert comments. More

A press conference will take place on Friday 13 February at 12 noon, chaired by Joan Clos, mayor of Barcelona.

Contact: Joan Ariza, press officer, City of Barcelona, email: jariza@mail.bcn.es|, tel: + 34 607 281 267
Ricky Burdett, email: r.burdett@lse.ac.uk|, tel: + 44 20 7955 6865

11 February 2004