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LSE and the White Paper The Future of Higher Education

At its meeting on 11 February the LSE Council considered the implications of the White Paper The Future of Higher Education.  A copy of the Council paper is at the following link|

School staff are currently analysing the White Paper implications for LSE and consulting with students and staff through the Students' Union, Academic Board, Council and the Court of Governors. The Secretary of State for Education asked for comments on the White Paper by 30 April and the School is framing its initial response. This response will be circulated to students, staff and governors. It was suggested at the Council meeting that low pay should be one of the issues highlighted, as would the apparently low funding for teaching. Suggestions for points to be highlighted in the White Paper response should be sent to Adrian Hall, Deputy Secretary, at adrian.hall@lse.ac.uk|

Further discussions will then feed into the School's long term strategic plan.

The Council noted that the School has taken no decision of any kind about the introduction of variable fees, i.e. above £1100 pa and up to £3000 pa. No decision need be taken until publication of the Undergraduate Prospectus in April 2005 as variable fees will not be permissible until October 2006.

The General Secretary of the Students' Union highlighted that part of the Council paper recognised problems about the sufficiency of the new loan system. There was also concern about the potential difficulties to be faced by EU students.

It was also noted that LSE already has a strong positive line on access which it will continue to develop irrespective of whether it is obliged to have an agreement with the new Access Regulator. Equally, the School would continue to work to increase its £3m scholarship and financial support funds, a crucial part of the ongoing Campaign for LSE 

14 February 2003