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Iraq - LSE events and comment

At LSE, events and debates are ongoing about the Iraq situation, while a number of academic experts have commented in national and international media. This is a selection of individual academic comments expressing a diversity of opinions on different aspects. 

We will update this web page frequently. 

Law and War
Date: Friday 11 April
Time: 7pm
Venue: Nash Room, Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London

When is a war a war - and when is it just containment or 'policing of no-fly zones'? When are we justified in declaring war, and how are we bound to conduct the fight?

Gerry Simpson, LSE, Dr Gwyn Prins, LSE, James Gow, King's College London and Rabinder Singh QC, Matrix Chambers, will be debating such issues at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. 

Academic articles:

  • Katerina Dalacoura, International Relations - It's not a bad time to be a Middle Eastern dictator
  • Mary Kaldor, Centre for the Study of Global Governance - A War Like No Other
  • David Held, Government - The Wrong War
  • Vincent Cable - The Global Economic Impact of War
  • Shaun Riordan, Centre for the Study of Global Governance - Overcoming Bush and Blair: towards a new diplomacy 
  • Katerina Dalacoura, International Relations
    Free seminar on Fathom, www.fathom.com and Search on Iraq 
  • James Putzel, Development Studies Institute - The White House and the PMO Fail to Make the case:
  • David Keen, Development Studies Institute - The Best of Enemies
  • Louis Klarevas, Hellenic Observatory - Down But Not Out
    click here
  • Barry Buzan, International Relations - Voices on Iraq
  • Gwyn Prins, European Institute - Farewell to the Old World

Academic comments

  • Gwyn Prins, European Institute - Is Hussein trying to force a settlement? [KMSB]
  • Maggie Scammell, Social Psychology - Iraq gets sympathetic press around the world [USA Today]
  • David Held, Government - Toughest Test May Yet Await Blair [The State]  
  • Jenny Kuper, Law - UN reaches unanimity over Iraq humanitarian relief package [Taiwan News]      
  • Meghnad Desai, Centre for Global Governance, and Patrick Dunleavy, Government -
    British polls show growing support of war, historic tolerance for casualties [The State
  • Christine Chinkin, Gerry Simpson, Deborah Cass, Law - War would be illegal [The Guardian]
  • Christopher Greenwood, Law - Making the Case [The Guardian]

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Updated 3 April 2003