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Research on education:

Does it pay to attend a prestigious university?

Research by Arnaud Chevalier and Gavan Conlon, Centre for the Economics of Education, LSE, on the value of attending certain universities (published March 2003).  

To read the report, visit http://cee.lse.ac.uk/| 

Other research on fees and education:

Email Gavan Conlon for details of research on a growing salary gap among graduates with varying classes of degrees in Britain. g.conlon@lse.ac.uk| 

This was conducted for the Council for Industry and Higher Education: see http://www.cihe-uk.com/| 

Press cuttings:

Times Online: Graduates with 2:2s fail to pass with employers
A class divide is widening among Britain's graduates, according to research by Gavan Conlon, LSE, which shows a growing salary gap between employees holding firsts and upper seconds and those with lower degree awards. 

Secondary school admissions in England: exploring the extent of overt and covert selection

The extent of overt and covert selection practices in English secondary schools has been analysed by LSE academics Professor Anne West and Audrey Hind. Professor West, director of the Centre for Educational Research at LSE, and CER researcher Audrey Hind, created a database of 95 per cent of state-maintained secondary schools in England and recorded over-subscription criteria on a school-by-school basis. 

The report can now be seen at http://www.risetrust.org.uk/admissions.html|  

Press cuttings: 

Britain's most exclusive schools (400 yards away and you're out)
Highlights LSE research with the Research and Information on State Education found a significant minority of Britain's 32,000 schools adopted criteria that appear to be designed to exclude certain pupils.

Updated 14 July 2003