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Disruption to examinations on the morning of 2 June 2003

Notice to candidates who sat the following examinations in Clement House: 

EC201, EC202, LL210, PH403, PH405 and EC502

At about 11.15am yesterday the fire alarm sounded in Clement House and the building was evacuated. Once the building was declared safe, students were allowed back in and the examinations recommenced at 11.45am.

A meeting of the relevant chairs of the Sub-boards and School Boards of Examiners took place yesterday afternoon at which the following statement was agreed.

  1. All students taking papers disrupted by the fire alarm on 2 June were able to resume their examination at 11.45am and were given the full three hours to complete the examination.

  2. All exam scripts will be marked in accordance with normal School procedures. Any problems or irregularities will be noted.

  3. External Examiners will be asked to look carefully at any problem, borderline and failed exam scripts.

  4. All relevant Sub-boards and Boards of Examiners will be made aware of the nature and potential impact of the disturbance and will take all possible steps to ensure that no student is disadvantaged now or in the future.

  5. The examination record of any student affected by yesterday's incident will be flagged to ensure that the circumstances are taken into account at the time of degree classification.

  6. Students do not need to take any further action specifically with respect to yesterday's disruption.

  7. If any student feels that there are any other mitigating circumstances, over and above yesterday's disruption, they should submit their evidence in writing to the Student Services Centre as detailed in paragraphs 16.1 to 16.8 of the Examination Procedures for Candidates 2003.

3 June 2003