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London can learn from other European Mayors on the future of city life

The mayors of London, Istanbul and Barcelona will meet this Friday and Saturday, 7 and 8 February, with their counterparts from Berlin, Lyon, Birmingham and Glasgow in the first ever European Mayors' Conference.

The conference, being hosted in London, will give the mayors the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on what is happening in large and small cities across Europe at a time of significant urban change.

Richard Rogers, chief adviser on architecture to the Mayor of London, said: 'It is a fascinating moment for cities in Europe. There is a groundswell of support, from Naples to Glasgow, for improving the quality of life in cities. All cities, however large or small, recognise that the quality of the environment - the streets, squares, parks, places and homes - and a good public transport system are critical to creating truly sustainable cities.

'London should be proud of hosting such an important event. Yet, we must not remain complacent. There is much more to do in this country to catch up with our European partners. The mayors of these 16 cities are showing us the way forward, and we must listen.'

London's Mayor Ken Livingstone will explain how the vast underused Thames Gateway will accommodate hundreds of thousands of new homes alongside new public transport lines.

Similar examples will be illustrated from the transformation of the old dockyards of Gdansk and the derelict industrial areas of Naples, Copenhagen and Manchester.

Organised by the Cities Programme of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Aula Barcelona (an agency of the City of Barcelona), the event focuses on why the physical environment of our cities is critical to their long-term success. The conference is sponsored by the Minerva LSE Research Group, a innovative partnership between the LSE and Minerva PLC, and the Corporation of London.

Richard Burdett, conference co-ordinator and director of LSE Cities Programme, said: 'This is the first of what we hope will become an annual event, drawing on the experience of a similar event in America. As London embarks on a period of substantial growth and change, London can learn from what is happening in other cities, drawing lessons from examples of best practice of urban governance and design across Europe.'


Note: we regret that no media will be invited to the sessions, as these are closed discussions.

Contact Judith Higgin, LSE Press Office, on 020 7955 7582


  • Barcelona Mayor Joan Clos
  • Berlin Senator Peter Strieder
  • Birmingham Councillor Albert Bore
  • Copenhagen Mayor Søren Pind
  • Dublin City Manager John Fitzgerald
  • Gdansk Mayor Pavel Adamowicz
  • Glasgow Council Leader Charles Gordon
  • Istanbul Mayor Ali Müfit Gürtuna
  • Leipzig Mayor Wolfgang Tiefensee
  • London Ken Livingstone
  • Lyon Mayor Gérard Collomb
  • Malaga Mayor Francisco de la Torre Prados
  • Manchester Councillor Richard Leese
  • Naples Mayor Rosa Russo Iervolino
  • Nicosia Mayor Michael Zampelas
  • Turin Mayor Sergio Chiamparino

5 February 2003