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Stretch yourself at LSE...in the name of art

Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 July, 6pm
Atrium, Student Services Centre

Ruth Maclennan, LSE artist-in-residence, is making a video at LSE. The film is supported by the director's Art@LSE initiative and is part of Ruth's ongoing work as artist-in-residence. LSE staff and students will participate in the project.

The project is a simple 20 minute exercise class using such diverse inspiration as Busby Berkeley films, callisthenics, yoga, tai-chi, aerobics and more recent dance moves. The 'class' will be led by acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Susanne Thomas (trained at London Contemporary Dance School and Middlesex University); and you'll move to specially devised new music by talented young composer Quentin Thomas. The emphasis of the film is on the overall choreography of the group moving to the music, within the architectural environment of the Student Services building.

All adults are welcome: staff, students, friends, relations... Participants should wear dark trousers or skirt, a blue blouse or shirt (if you don't have one, wear something unshowy ie grey or green) and comfortable flat shoes that won't slip. Please try and come to both evenings. Only participants may attend - no spectators allowed.

There will be a brief meeting to discuss the project and answer any questions on Thursday 17 July at 6pm in the Atrium. There is room for approximately 40 participants. 

To sign up or for more information, email Ruth Maclennan at rmaclennan@atlas.co.uk| 

15 July 2003