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UBS Pensions Research Programme launched

LSE has collaborated with UBS Asset Management to create the UBS Pensions Research Programme, which will focus on one of the central challenges for the next century, the provision of adequate security for old age.

The programme will be jointly directed by Professor David Webb, Director of the Financial Markets Group and Professor Timothy Besley, Chairman of STICERD. It will highlight three main aspects:

  • Studies of household behaviour and demographic trends
  • Pension fund management
  • Public policies towards pensions

The programme will look at the evolution of savings, pension provision and pension fund governance in European countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. In addition, it will undertake comparative analysis with US pensions policies and market strategies.

An important aim of the programme will be to provide objective and independent research on pension finance and policy for the industry and governments.


For further details, please contact Nicola Gambrill at the UBS Pensions Research Programme on 020 7955 6301, email n.gambrill@lse.ac.uk|, or Florian Lennert, director of Corporate Relations, on 020 7852 3660, email f.lennert@lse.ac.uk|

11 February 2002