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Is Global Morality the new Ideology?

Thursday 31 January, 6pm
Old Theatre, Old Building

Prominent experts Professor Mary Kaldor, Robert Cooper, Professor John Gray and Joan Smith, will be debating 'Is Morality the New Ideology' on Thursday 31 January at LSE.

Politicians increasingly attempt to justify their policies in moral terms. At the same time, western liberal democracies are realising that their values are not always shared throughout the world, or even by citizens of their own countries. This points to a clear need for a 'remoralisation' if the West's attempt to impose liberal values across the world is not to become a new kind of fundamentalism.

The speakers have all contributed to The Moral Universe (Demos), a new collection of essays which describe ways in which a 'political remoralisation' could be achieved.

  • Professor Mary Kaldor, programme director of the LSE Centre for the Study of Global Governance and co-editor of the Global Civil Society Yearbook 2001 and author of New & Old Wars (Polity).
  • Robert Cooper, a senior diplomat who represented the UK at the Bonn negotiations on the reconstruction of Afghanistan, and author of The Postmodern State and the World Order (Demos).
  • John Gray, School Professor of European Thought at LSE and author of The Two Faces of Liberalism.
  • Joan Smith, author of Moralities: Sex, Money and Power in the 21 Century.

Tom Bentley, director of Demos and co-editor of The Moral Universe will chair the event, which is jointly organised by the LSE Centre for the Study of Global Governance and Demos.

The event is free and open to all. No ticket is required. For further details please contact Elisabeth Bacon on 020 7955 6628, e-mail e.bacon@lse.ac.uk| or call Lydia Howland on 020 7401 5330.


To reserve a press seat, contact Jessica Winterstein on 020 7955 7060 or email j.Winterstein@lse.ac.uk|.


For more information on the Centre for the Study of Global Governance, visit Global Governance|

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30 January 2002