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Globalisation - Good or Bad?

Monday 21 October, 6pm
Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street

Where is the process of globalisation taking us? Where does power lie in a world of corporations, governments and supranational institutions? Is globalisation inevitable and benign, increasing wealth and levelling playing fields, or does it lead to inequality, exclusion and new threats?

Professors Anthony Giddens, John Gray, David Held and Mary Kaldor will be discussing the benefits and downsides of globalisation in Globalisation - good or bad?, on Monday 21 October at LSE.

Professor Lord Desai, director of the Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE, will chair the event.

  • Professor Anthony Giddens is director of LSE
  • John Gray is School Professor of Leading Thought, LSE
  • David Held is the Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science, LSE
  • Professor Mary Kaldor is programme director of the Global Civil Society Programme, LSE.

Globalisation - good or bad? is on Monday 21 October at 6pm in the Peacock Theatre, LSE. The event is free and open to all but a ticket is required.


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14 October 2002