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Director's Dialogue: Anthony Giddens and George Soros

Tuesday  8 October, 1pm
Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street

In a series of Director's Dialogues, Anthony Giddens will debate key dilemmas and possibilities of the contemporary age with a series of keynote speakers, beginning with philanthropist and LSE alumnus George Soros.

Professor Anthony Giddens, director of LSE is one of the world's foremost social theorists. He has been at the forefront of developing ideas in left of centre politics; his ideas have strongly influenced the development of New Labour in the UK, and have also made an impact upon many other social democratic parties elsewhere.

George Soros is president and chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, and is the founder of a global network of foundations dedicated to supporting open societies. Known throughout the world both for his financial acumen and for his political engagement, Soros is the author of several best-selling books including The Alchemy of Finance, The Crisis of Global Capitalism and Open Society.

This event is free and open to all but a ticket is required.


To reserve a press seat, contact Jessica Winterstein on 020 7955 7060 or email j.winterstein@lse.ac.uk|

3 October 2002