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From Dylan to Hacktivism: Fifty Years of Political Studies

The role of think-tanks, the future of democracy, new 'hacktivists', the relationship of the media with politics and the influence of Bob Dylan will all be discussed at the Political Studies Association's 50th anniversary conference, to be held at the London School of Economics and Political Science next month (10-13 April).

More than 600 of the world's political scientists will attend the four day conference, the largest ever gathering of its kind, with around 500 academic papers to be delivered on global political issues, including the US elections, Russia, Scottish and Welsh devolution, and the situation in Northern Ireland.

Keynote speeches will be made in the Peacock Theatre, Kingsway, London WC2 by :

  • the Rt. Hon Kenneth Clarke MP (Tuesday 11 April at 1.15pm)
  • Professor Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University (Tuesday 11 April at 6pm)
  • Professor Robert Dahl of Yale University (Wednesday 12 April at 6pm)

Speaker at the PSA 2000 Annual Conference dinner will be Alex Salmond MP, national convenor of the Scottish National Party.   Other speakers include Tony Wright MP, Richard Corbett MEP, Lord Norton, Sir Robin Mountfield, Anthony Barnett, David Marquand and Bernard Crick.

Dr Keith Dowding, Reader in Public Choice and Public Administration at LSE, is organising the conference with Dr Jim Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Government, at LSE.  Dr Dowding said:

'This year marks the 50th anniversary of the PSA. Political scientists now have the tools to discover morethan ever before about how democracy works, why governments fail, and how we may work better together. The twentieth century was the century where democracy triumphed, yet it is seen to be in crisisin those nations where it has been longest in place. Participation is down, politicians have never been held in such low esteem. Politics is here to stay and we need to understand it better. Some of the most fundamental questions about politics and society are being addressed at this conference; some of the answers are very surprising.'


Journalists are invited to attend the conference and the keynote lectures. Please contact LSE Press Office to reserve a place.

A list of the conference timetable and conference session titles follows.

Contact PSA Conference:

Dr Keith Dowding, LSE, tel: 020 7955 7176 LSE Press Office, Judith Higgin, tel: 020 7955 7582

27 March 2000