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Nelson Mandela at LSE

Thursday 6 April 2000
9.45am - 11am
Peacock Theatre, London WC2

Nelson Mandela is to give a lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science next Thursday (6 April).

The former South African president will speak on Africa and Its Position in the World Today to an invited audience of LSE students, staff, alumni and friends.

Professor Anthony Giddens, Director of LSE, said: 'It is a great privilege for the School to welcome Mr Mandela to London and to hear him speak. This occasion promises to be a highlight of LSE's year.'

LSE, as a global social sciences institution, has many links with South Africa including the work of CREFSA (Centre for Research into Economics and Finance in Southern Africa - see notes below).

For more details on LSE see the website at www.lse.ac.uk|


MEDIA Arrangements:

A limited number of seats are available for press, photographers and camera crews. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Journalists and photographers - please email pressoffice@lse.ac.uk| or call 020 7955 7060 by noon Monday 3 April to confirm your name and organisation.

A numbered ticket will be available for collection by you on the day at a Press Desk opposite the Peacock Theatre in 20 Kingsway. The Theatre doors open at 9am. Please note - latecomers will not be admitted.

Broadcast media - owing to venue space, a very limited number of places are available for cameras. Please contact us at pressoffice@lse.ac.uk| or 020 7955 7060 by noon Monday 3 April to reserve a camera position. Cameras must be in position by 9am when doors open for the audience. Latecomers will not be admitted.


LSE has strong ties to Southern Africa. There are currently around 20 students from South Africa, more from the region and nearly 300 alumni residents there. Nelson Mandela was awarded an Honorary degree from the University of London, sponsored through LSE, in July 1996.

Professor Kader Asmal, South Africa's Minister for Education, studied Law at LSE and was awarded an honorary fellowship at LSE in 1999.

The School's long-standing connections, both in teaching and research, span the fields of economics and finance, human rights, law, anthropology, and international relations.

  • At the request of South Africa's Minister of Finance, Dr Jonathan Leape of the LSE's Centre for Research into Economics and Finance in Southern Africa (CREFSA) co-organised a ministerial roundtable and an international conference in Pretoria to discuss the framework for financial regulation in South Africa. The programmes included the senior executives of regulatory agencies and private banks in both South Africa and the UK.
  • Staff and students in LSE's Development Studies Institute are involved in research and policy analysis relating to Southern Africa, including a Department for International Development (DFID)-funded project being conduced by Dr Elizabeth Francis researching the livelihoods of people living in the former 'homelands' of South Africa.
  • CREFSA's Distinguished Visitor Programme, funded by the Department for International Development, has hosted visits from a number of senior South African policy-makers and economists. Participants in the programme have benefited from the opportunity to further their research into economic issues and to hold discussions with individuals from academic, government and financial institutions in London.
  • In conjunction with the Departments of Sociology and Geography at the University of Capetown, Dr Jo Beall of LSE's Department of Social Policy is conducting work on Urban Governance and Urban Poverty in Johannesburg. This is funded by ESCOR in co-operation with the Transformation Council of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council.
  • Many of the individuals involved with CREFSA have gone on to make important contributions in South Africa. One of CREFSA's founding Research Associates, Maria Ramos, is now Director General of the South African Department of Finance whilst the other, Professor Brian Kahn, was recently appointed Head of Monetary Policy Research at the South African Reserve Bank. Alec Erwin, now Minister of Trade and Industry, visited CREFSA for two weeks in early 1993. More recently, CREFSA has hosted a visit from Barbara Hogan, ANC MP in the South African parliament since 1994 and recently appointed Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Finance.

CREFSAis a leading centre of independent research into the economies of Southern Africa. CREFSA's research programme focuses on the determinants of cross-border capital flows and their implications for macroeconomic policy in Southern Africa; the structure and development of the financial system and the framework for financial regulation in the region; and prospects for regional integration in the Southern African Development Community. The Centre has two related objectives: firstly, to help inform economic policy debates through a focused programme of research and secondly, to contribute to institution-building initiatives within the region. It was established in 1990 under the direction of Dr Jonathan Leape as an initiative of the Commonwealth Heads of Government and has received substantial grants from the Commonwealth and the UK Department for International Development as well as grants from Swedish and Danish development agencies and others. CREFSA's research is available through its broadly circulated Review.

Contact Dr Jonathan Leape at CREFSA on T: 020 7955 7505

30 March 2000