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Masterclasses in Madrid

A special series of LSE Globalisation Seminars

This week (Monday 24 to Friday 28) sees the launch of an exclusive series of four Masterclasses in Madrid, conducted by academics from Europe's leading social science institution, the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Enterprise LSE has designed the LSE Masterclass in Globalisation seminar series for the Fundacion Caja Madrid. Up to 100 participants from throughout Spain have been selected by the Fundacion to represent a cross-section of Spain's potential intellectual, political and business leaders.

For the first seminar, the theme is the Globalisation of Financial Markets and Economic Policy .

The second seminar on Political and Economic Consequences of Globalisation in the European Union takes place in February. The third seminar in March focuses on Global Consequences of Information Technology and the final seminar in April considers Reform of theWelfare State in the Global Age .

Enterprise LSE has received considerable support to establish this series from the British Embassy in Madrid, and the Madrid-based educational company ZEIA.


For more information, please contact:
Adam Austerfield, Enterprise LSE (in Madrid 24 to 28 January) Tel: 0385 725865 or
Judith Higgin, LSE Press Office Tel: 020 7955 7582


  • LSE is the UK and Europe's leading social science institution, headed by sociologist and author of The Third Way, Professor Anthony Giddens.
  • LSE had 92 Spanish undergraduate and postgraduate students in 1998-99. Alumni include His Excellency Narcis Serra.
  • Enterprise LSE is the commercial company which links external clients with LSE's world-renowned academics.

25 January 2000