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Citizenship and Exclusion

From 7 to 10 July 2000 LSE hosts the annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) - a conference where more than 500 international academics will discuss issues of work, globalisation, civil society and welfare systems.

This SASE event has been organised with the financial support of the European Commission (DGV), the Anglo-German Foundation, and the Department of Industrial Relations and the Interdisciplinary Institute of Management of LSE. Keynote speakers will include:

  • Anthony Giddens, Director, LSE, who will debate the Future of the Third Way with Amitai Etzioni, (George Washington University) and Wolfgang Streeck (Max Planck Institut, Cologne), chaired by Liberal Democrat peer, Margaret Sharp.
    Friday 7 July, Peacock Theatre, 5.30-7.30pm.
  • Alan Supiot, Chair of the European Commission's recent Supiot Report on Employment Law and the Transformation of Work who will debate with Richard Freeman, (Harvard University).
    Saturday 8 July, Peacock Theatre, from 10.30am.

This is followed by panel discussions with European employers and unions, and a second debate, 2.15-3.15pm on Social Insurance and the Transformation of Work with Jane Lewis (Oxford University) and Simon Deakin (Cambridge University).

  • Bryan S Turner, (Cambridge University), who will speak on the Erosion of Citizenship: The conditions of effective entitlement.
    Saturday 8 July, Hong Kong Theatre, 2.15pm.

  • Hilary Silver, (Brown University, USA) who will talk on Social Exclusion and Social Capital.
    Sunday 9 July, Hong Kong Theatre, 10.30am.

  • Peter Hall, Centre of European Studies, Harvard University who will talk on Varieties of Capitalism Confront Unemployment.
    Sunday 9 July, Peacock Theatre, 10.30am.

Topics will cover communitarian ideals, gender, work and family, industrial relations and political economy, race and ethnicity, rethinking the welfare state, and citizenship, markets and social exclusion. Examples and research will cover North America and Asia as well as Europe and the UK.

Co-ordinator Professor David Marsden, of LSE's Industrial Relations Department, said: 'This SASE event is an opportunity to assess the latest research and develop thinking on many problems surrounding citizenship and exclusion. In particular, it provides the first major public debate in Britain of the EU's Supiot Report on the future of employment and employment law.'

To register for the conference, contact Mary Grossman by email saseorg@aol.com|

For a full programme of events, see SASE on the web at www.sase.org|


Notes to Editors

Journalists are invited to attend conference sessions. Please contact Franklin Oikelome, email: sase-local-org@lse.ac.uk| and contact Press Desk staff on the day. Some transcripts may be available after the event.

For other media requests, please call the LSE Press Office on T: 020 7955 7060 or email pressoffice@lse.ac.uk|