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LSE Debate with George Soros

Friday 8 December

George Soros will be speaking about New financial architecture for the global economy at LSE on Friday.

Chaired by LSE Director Anthony Giddens, this will be a debate between George Soros and LSE Professors Meghnad Desai and Mary Kaldor. The event begins at 6pm in the Old Theatre, LSE, Houghton Street.

George Soros, an LSE alumnus, will be in London on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 December, talking about the themes in his new book, Open society: reforming global capitalism. In the book, he reconsiders the arguments addressed in his first book, and incorporates the political and economic developments that have changed the world in the last two years.

Western democracies have made a surprising economic recovery, but Soros warns us that this may be a false dawn, as financial institutions (such as the International Monetary Fund), have been unable to keep pace with the recent rapid growth of the international financial markets. This means that the next crisis - and there will certainly be another - will leave the world in a far more vulnerable position.

But George Soros's main concern is the poverty of our international political institutions. Civil wars in Yugoslavia, the virtual collapse of democracy in countries such as Zimbabwe, Burma and Peru testify to the impotence of any international institution to intervene effectively. Soros believes the solution lies with the democracies of the world, and suggests they form an alliance, with the purpose of promoting the development of open societies within individual countries, and strengthening international law and the institutions required for a global open society.


Note to Editors

  • George Soros's Crisis of global capitalism became an international bestseller in 1998, the year that crippled the financial stability and growth of many countries.
  • Lord Desai is Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for the Study of Global Governance; Professor Mary Kaldor is Principal Research Fellow and Programme Director. The Centre aims to influence issues of global concern including human rights and international economic co-operation. The debate is co-hosted with the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science.

For enquiries about the debate, contact Judith Higgin, LSE Press Office, 020 7955 7582 or email j.a.higgin@lse.ac.uk|

For interview requests and copies of the book, contact Rosalie Macfarlane at LittleBrown, on 020 7911 8065; or email rosalie.macfarlane@littlebrown.com|

LSE's student radio station PuLSE FM will broadcast a live audiostream of the debate on the internet. Click here to listen: www.pulsefm.co.uk/|

7 December 2000