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Let's talk!

Representations of gender in the media have always been of interest to academics and those working within various media industries as well as to the general public.

Until now, discussions about how men and women are represented in the media have been polarised and fragmented. On the one hand there are academics dealing mainly with ideas and the personal experiences of those in the media, and on the other media practitioners - those who have to make everyday decisions about gender representation - who tend to see academic work as somwhat less than useful.

LSE's Gender Institute, together with Media@LSE and Birkbeck College, is holding a series of workshops aimed at beginning a dialogue between academics working on gender and media representation and people employed within various media industries.

The second in the series, entitled: Gender Identities, Movies and Psychoanalysis: Reflections on Hugh Brody's 'Nineteen Nineteen', aims to challenge the relation between gender identities, media and psychoanalysis.

The workshop, which involves a screening of the film Nineteen Nineteen and a discussion with its director Hugh Brody, presentations from psychoanalyst Andrea Sabbadini, anthropologist Glenn Bowmann and feminist scholar Laura Mulvey, will present an ideal opportunity for continuing the gender debate.


Note to editors

The workshop will take place on Thursday 2 December at the London School of Economics and Political Science in rooms A85 and A86, 9.30am -6.30pm.

If you would like to attend this lecture please contact:

Marina Calloni, tel: 020 7955 6406, email: m.calloni@lse.ac.uk|.
The Gender Institute website is at: Gender Institute|

16 November 1999