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Pain: The science of suffering

Professor Emeritus Patrick Wall gives the Goldsmith Lecture - Pain: The science of suffering at LSE on Thursday 17 June at 6pm.

Animals and people, when hurt, not only feel something, they typically do something about it. What is the relation of the feeling to the doing? Remarkable new work suggests that humans' awareness of pain is constituted by their plan of action in relation to injury rather than the sensory impression of injury as such.

Patrick Wall, UCL, is the world's leading thinker on the nature of pain. He is the author of the forthcoming book Pain: The science of suffering .

The lecture will be chaired by Dr Nicholas Humphrey and is part of LSE's free public lecture series. It will take place in the Old Theatre, LSE Houghton Street, London at 6pm.


If you wish to attend please contact Yvette Ankrah, LSE Press Office on 0171 955 7060.

For other media enquiries please contact Annabell Huxley on 0171 586 0932.

10 June 1999