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Press and Information Office
Third Floor, Tower Three
(Entrance via Tower Two)
Houghton Street

Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7060
Email: pressoffice@lse.ac.uk|

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How can I find an LSE expert to talk to?

LSE has many academics willing to talk to journalists about their specialist subjects. If you know the person you want, or the subject area, please visit our online experts guide|  to find the right person. If you're having problems, contact the Press Office on 020 7955 7060.

How can I get hold of a picture of an LSE expert?

There are small black and white images of LSE academics to view in the Experts online guide|. The Press Office also manages a growing picture library, and can supply images of LSE academics for publication. If you would like one of these emailing to you, or need any other images of LSE, the Library, or general campus shots, please contact the Press Office on 020 7955 7060 or email pressoffice@lse.ac.uk| 

Can I film or take pictures on campus?

A selection of images of the LSE campus can be viewed online here|. These pictures, and many more, are used in LSE prospectuses, brochures and information material  to give a flavour of the diverse range of students, events and meeting places around the School. High resolution images can be supplied on request. Please email pressoffice@lse.ac.uk| or call 020 7955 7060 for more information. 

If you want to film around LSE or in any of the School buildings, please contact the Press Office on 020 7955 7060 who can help you gain access to buildings and direct you to appropriate rooms. LSE is an open campus which welcomes many members of the public but media do need permission from us to film within our premises.

Do you provide transcripts of lectures?

Transcripts of lectures are made available, when possible, after main public lectures or major events. These are placed on the web through the Events pages|, from here you will be able to go to the event you are interested in.

This office does not provide transcripts of students' degrees or certificates.  For these please contact the Student Services Centre|.