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First World War at LSE - Academics

A number of academics at LSE specialise in the First World War and other conflicts. Their profiles, including contact information, and their most recent work are detailed on this page. 
expert_david_stevensonProfessor David Stevenson of the Department of International History
Professor Stevenson's main fields of interests lie in international relations in Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; origins, course, and impact of the First World War.
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Dr Heather Jones of the Department of International History expert_heather_jones
Dr Heather Jones is a specialist in First World War Studies with a particular interest in the evolution of wartime violence and the cultural impact of the conflict in Britain, France, Germany and Italy. Her other main research areas are: the history of prisoner of war treatment in twentieth-century Europe; Weimar Germany; Irish politics, conflict and culture, 1913-1923.
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|Heather is also involved with the Imperial War Museum's project Lives of the First World War|

A Very Modern Actions: The Spring Reprisals of 1917| 
A Research Highlights article looks at  work done by Dr Heather Jones exploring how the Germans used violence against prisoners of war to their tactical advantage in the First World War. According to Dr Heather Jones from the Department of International History these collective reprisals can be seen as part of the process of the totalisation of warfare that occurred in the First World War. They were a new form of violence and expanded wartime violence beyond established combat patterns.

Vickers_IWWViolent Reprisals on the Western Front|
The prisoner reprisals of 1917 were a retaliatory action taken by German forces against captured French and British troops, in reaction to poor British and French treatment of German prisoner workers. This was a ruthless, calculated policy, intended to manipulate public opinion, as Heather Jones from the Department of International History explains in a short film.

LSE academics and the First World War in the media

BBC Radio 4
The Great War of Words|
Dr Heather Jones of LSE's International History will feature as one of the contributors to a new documentary on the First World, entitled ‘The Great War of Words’. The first episode will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 9am on Tuesday 4 February, with a repeat at 9.30pm that evening. It will also be available through the BBC iPlayer service. For more details, please see the programme's homepage.

BBC Magazine
World War One: 10 interpretations of who started WW1|
Professor David Stevenson and Dr Heather Jones contribute to a BBC Magazine piece
As nations gear up to mark 100 years since the start of World War One, academic argument still rages over which country was to blame for the conflict.