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Event Series

The following events are part of the Social Movements and Popular Mobilisation in the MENA seminar series. A paper is circulated in advance to those who register, and the seminars are discussion-based.

These events are registration-only. Please make sure you register using the online booking form on the event webpage.

Forthcoming Events 

Let's Rock/Rap it! Music as Collective Action: The case of the Arab Spring
Tuesday 11 October, 17:15-19:15, Room 9.04, TW2, Clement's Inn

Speaker: Amina Boubia, Sciences Po Centre for International Studies
Discussant: Cristina Moreno Almeida, LSE
Chair: John Chalcraft, LSE

Past Events

Reassembling the spatial: Place-and-world making as social movement practice in Jordan and Palestine
Tuesday 26 April 2016

Speaker: Christopher Parker, Ghent University
Chair: John Chalcraft, LSE


Why Some Contentious Movements Fail: the case of the Syrian opposition
Tuesday 15 March 2016

Speaker: Dr Jasmine Gani, University of St Andrews
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE


Bahraini Activism in Exile: Legacies and Revolutionary Ruptures
Wednesday 3 June 2015

Claire Beaugrand, Institut Français du Proche Orient
Discussant: Dr Filippo Dionigi, LSE
Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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How Self-Limited Mobilisation Works: the case of Morocco
Wednesday 20 May 2015

Dr Frédéric Vairel, University of Ottawa
Discussant: Nawal Mustafa, LSE
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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Of Regime and Movements: authoritarian reform and the 2011 popular uprisings in Morocco
Tuesday 19 May 2015

 Dr Frédéric Vairel, University of Ottawa
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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The Non-Contentious Politics of Labour Protests in Egypt
Wednesday 25 February 2015

Speaker: Dr Marie Duboc, University of Tübingen
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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Theorising Revolution, Anticipating Civil War: class, state, and political practice in 1960s Lebanon
Wednesday 21 January 2015

Speaker: Dr Fadi Bardawil, University of North Carolina
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE
Discussant: Fuad Musallam, LSE

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Workers in the Arab Uprisings: Social Movement Theory, Political Economy and Class
Wednesday 5 November 2014

Speaker: Professor Joel Beinin, Stanford University
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE


High-Risk Activism and Popular Struggle against the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank
Tuesday 4 November 2014

Speaker: Professor Joel Beinin, Stanford University
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE


New Social Movements and the Question of Organisation During Revolutionary Processes
Tuesday 6 May 2014

Speaker: Dr Maha Abdelrahman, University of Cambridge
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE
Discussant: Ahmad Shokr, New York University

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The Politics of the Urban Everyday in the Arab Revolutions
Wednesday 12 February 2014

Speaker: Professor Salwa Ismail, SOAS
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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