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Event Series

The following events are part of the Social Movements and Popular Mobilisation in the MENA seminar series. A paper is circulated in advance to those who register, and the seminars are discussion-based.

These events are registration-only. Please make sure you register using the online booking form on the event webpage.

Forthcoming Events 

Social Movements and Popular Mobilisation in the Middle East and North Africa Event
Putting Gender at the Centre: The Feminist Turn in the Kurdish Political Movement
Tuesday 7 March, 17:15-19:15, Room 9.04, Tower 2, LSE

Speakers: Nadje Al-Ali, SOAS; Latif Tas, SOAS
Discussant: Zeynep Kaya, LSE Middle East Centre

This is a registration only event. Register to attend.

Past Events

Let's Rock/Rap it! Music as Collective Action: The case of the Arab Spring
Tuesday 11 October, 17:15-19:15, Room 9.04, TW2, Clement's Inn

Speaker: Amina Boubia, Sciences Po Centre for International Studies
Discussant: Cristina Moreno Almeida, LSE
Chair: John Chalcraft, LSE


Reassembling the spatial: Place-and-world making as social movement practice in Jordan and Palestine
Tuesday 26 April 2016

Speaker: Christopher Parker, Ghent University
Chair: John Chalcraft, LSE


Why Some Contentious Movements Fail: the case of the Syrian opposition
Tuesday 15 March 2016

Speaker: Dr Jasmine Gani, University of St Andrews
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE


Bahraini Activism in Exile: Legacies and Revolutionary Ruptures
Wednesday 3 June 2015

Claire Beaugrand, Institut Français du Proche Orient
Discussant: Dr Filippo Dionigi, LSE
Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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How Self-Limited Mobilisation Works: the case of Morocco
Wednesday 20 May 2015

Dr Frédéric Vairel, University of Ottawa
Discussant: Nawal Mustafa, LSE
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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Of Regime and Movements: authoritarian reform and the 2011 popular uprisings in Morocco
Tuesday 19 May 2015

 Dr Frédéric Vairel, University of Ottawa
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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The Non-Contentious Politics of Labour Protests in Egypt
Wednesday 25 February 2015

Speaker: Dr Marie Duboc, University of Tübingen
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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Theorising Revolution, Anticipating Civil War: class, state, and political practice in 1960s Lebanon
Wednesday 21 January 2015

Speaker: Dr Fadi Bardawil, University of North Carolina
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE
Discussant: Fuad Musallam, LSE

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Workers in the Arab Uprisings: Social Movement Theory, Political Economy and Class
Wednesday 5 November 2014

Speaker: Professor Joel Beinin, Stanford University
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE


High-Risk Activism and Popular Struggle against the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank
Tuesday 4 November 2014

Speaker: Professor Joel Beinin, Stanford University
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE


New Social Movements and the Question of Organisation During Revolutionary Processes
Tuesday 6 May 2014

Speaker: Dr Maha Abdelrahman, University of Cambridge
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE
Discussant: Ahmad Shokr, New York University

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The Politics of the Urban Everyday in the Arab Revolutions
Wednesday 12 February 2014

Speaker: Professor Salwa Ismail, SOAS
Chair: Dr John Chalcraft, LSE

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