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Displacement, Social Welfare and Human Security in Turkey: Challenges and Prospects

Call for Participants

UK Coordinator: Dr Zeynep Kaya, London School of Economics
Partner Country Coordinator: Dr Zelal Kizilkan, Mardin Artuklu University
Dates and Venue: Istanbul, Turkey, 17–19 May 2017
Deadline for applying: 28 February 2017

Most research on the displacement crisis in Turkey and the wider Middle East looks at displaced people as numbers posing economic and policy challenges to host states. This workshop emphasises the limitations of traditional state security concerns and aims to use the human security approach to develop a holistic understanding of the challenges war, conflict and displacement pose for displaced communities. 

It also aims to develop a better understanding of the social welfare of displaced populations in Turkey, especially in the areas of livelihood, education and health services, and physical security. Crucially, the workshop acknowledges the interdependence between development, welfare and security, which is necessary in order to develop sustainable solutions to issues vulnerable groups face. 

The programme, ‘British Council Researcher Links’ provides opportunities for early career researchers from the UK and internationally to interact, learn from each other and explore opportunities for building long-lasting research collaborations. 

Under the Researcher Links scheme offered within the Newton Fund the British Council will be holding a workshop on the above theme in Istanbul, Turkey on 17-19 May. The workshop will include formal sessions for early career researchers from the UK and Turkey to engage in discussions, exchange ideas, network, and develop potential future collaborative research projects. The workshop is being coordinated by Dr Zeynep Kaya, London School of Economics and Dr Zelal Kizilkan, Mardin Artuklu University, and will have contributions from other leading researchers. We are now inviting Early Career Researchers from the UK or Turkey to apply to attend this workshop.

The workshop will provide a unique opportunity for sharing research expertise and networking. During the workshops early career researchers will have the opportunity to present their research in the form of a short oral presentation of a 1,000 word paper and discuss this with established researchers from the UK and partner countries. There will be a focus on building up links for future collaborations and participants selected on the basis of their research potential and ability to build longer term links.

The British Council and Newton Fund will cover the costs related to the participation to the workshop, including: travel (both international and local), accommodation and meals. Costs for the visa will be covered; however participants will be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements. Although this cost will not be covered by the British Council, participants are encouraged to purchase an adequate travel and medical insurance. The British Council accepts no responsibility for any problems which may occur when the participants are in-country. 


We welcome proposals on the following topics:

  • The effect of displacement and refugees on Turkey from a regional perspective
  • The relationship between displacement and non-traditional forms of security threats, such as radicalism, in Turkey
  • The impact of Turkey’s internal and external security concerns on its refugee policy
  • Re-conceptualising social welfare from a human security perspective in the context of the displacement crisis in Turkey An assessment of the following issues from a human security perspective:
    • Livelihood deprivation and unemployment among displaced persons in Turkey
    • Access to education among the displaced in Turkey
    • Provision of health services for the displaced in Turkey
    • Physical security and displacement in Turkey 

Papers presented at the workshop will be considered for a special issue of a journal.

How to apply