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Personalised Media and Participatory Culture

 Project Conference, LSE 29-30 June 2017

Young people’s uptake and uses of new and emerging digital technologies for cultural and civic participation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region remains under-studied and under-theorised, particularly in the context of their everyday lives. This conference aims at problematising the assumed connections between particular parts of the world, networks (both digital and real-world), participatory cultures, young people, and emerging media tools.

Keynotes and panels will aim at assessing and theorising the nature and extent of digital media’s articulation with artistic, civic, cultural and political participation and pinning down what exactly is new about the participatory uses and potentials of new media in particular communities and geographic spaces. In doing so, we aim to present a fresh perspective on concepts such as the ‘digital age’, ‘empowerment’, ‘networks’ and ‘participation’ amidst the range of face-to-face and old-media participatory civic, political and cultural networks, practices and identities that abound in modernity.

The conference will present the findings of the research project that concentrated on participatory networks and media in Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and UAE. Through mapping the field of youth participation textually and analytically, and through interviews with young people, experts and stakeholders, the research presents a wide and different range of forms of social and political participation of youth in the MENA region. 

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