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Dr Zeynep Kaya

Dr Zeynep Kaya is Research Fellow at the London School of Economics. She completed her PhD in International Relations at LSE on the interaction between international norms and ethnicist conceptions of territorial identity with a focus on the Kurdish case. She is currently working on her book titled The Idea of Kurdistan: International Norms and Nationalism.

Dr Kaya is also leading the research project on the role of international actors in enhancing women's rights after military intervention, focusing on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in collaboration with the American University in Dubai.

Contact Details

Email: z.n.kaya@lse.ac.uk
Telephone: +44(0)207 955 6508

Research interests

  • Nationalism and international norms, particularly self-determination
  • Kurdish nationalism in the region and the diaspora
  • International political theory
  • Gender and state-building in the Kurdistan region of Iraq
  • Contemporary Turkish politics



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