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Filippo Dionigi

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Dr Filippo Dionigi is Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, researching the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Arab statehood from a comparative perspective. In addition, Filippo is leading on a capacity-building project, in collaboration with Tunis University,  to enhance the didactic capacity of Tunis Business School (TBS), on the level of International Relations teaching. He has completed his PhD in International Relations at LSE and his book, titled Hezbollah, Islamist Politics and International Society, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in December 2014.

Contact Details

Email: f.dionigi1@lse.ac.uk
Telephone: +44(0)207 955 7015

Research Interests

  • Islamist politics in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon and Egypt
  • International norms, norms diffusion and Islamist movements
  • Processes of international socialisation
  • Political implications of the prospective hydrocarbon economy of Lebanon
  • Constructivist international relations theories
  • Compared approaches to Islamist and communitarian political theories
  • Citizenship and patrilinearity in the Middle East


Books and research monographs

Other Selected Publications

Book Reviews

  • Dionigi, F. Lebanon: the Politics of a Penetrated Society by T. Najem and Lebanon Adrift by S. Khalaf’ Book Reviews, in International Affairs, Vol. 88, No. 5, 2012, pp. 1162-4.
  • Dionigi, F. Hizbullah’s Identity Construction by Joseph Alagha’ Book Review, in International Affairs, Vol. 87, No. 5, 2011.
  • Dionigi, F. Islam’s Predicament with Modernity by Bassam Tibi’ Book Review in International Affairs, Vol.86, No.2 2010.
  • Dionigi, F. ‘Resistance: the Essence of the Islamist Revolution by Alastair Crooke’ Book Review, in International Affairs, Vol. 85, No. 4, 2009.
  • Dionigi, F. ‘International Human Rights Ideas by Bertrand Ramcharan’ Book Review, in International Affairs, Vol. 85, No.3, 2009.