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Dr Dunja Larise

Dr Dunja Larise is Visiting Fellow at the LSE Middle East Centre and Associated Fellow at the Yale MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies.  She was Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre d`etudes et de recherches internationales of the Sciences Po in Paris in 2012 and Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence in 2010/11. Previously she taught at the Institute for Political Science of the University of Vienna.

Research Interests
  • Democracy theory
  • Muslim Brotherhood
  • Social and political movements in MENA region
  • Political Islam

Selected Publications


  • The Concepts of State and Civil Society as Defined by the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, under review by Routledge.
  • Mythos Kultur – Eine Kritik der Kulturtheorie zur Zeit der Globalisierung, Praesens Verlag, Wien, 2009
  • Eine Politik der Begegnung. Politische Philosophie des späten Althussers, Tectum, Marburg, 2007.

Edited volumes

  • Zwischen Gottesstaat und Demokratie - Handbuch des politischen Islam, Ed. with Thomas Schmidinger, Deutike Verlag, Wien, August 2008.

Papers in Edited Volumes and International Peer-reviewed Journals

  • Regional Social Welfare Policies and Informal Faith Based Solidarity Networks in the Muslim Immigrant Communities in Spain, together with Javier Moreno, under review by Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.
  • Islamic Religious Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosniak Nation-Building from 1992 until 2012, accepted for publishing by Nations and Nationalities, forthcoming in Spring 2014.
  • State, Civil Society and Multiculturalism in Political Thinking of the Muslim Brothers in Europe, Journal of Muslims in Europe (accepted – forthcoming in Spring 2013).
  • Ethnical Diversity, Democracy and State, In: Hurriyet Babacan (James Cook University) and Peter Hermann (University of Cork) (Eds.): Nation State and Ethnic Diversity, Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2013.
  • Islamic Communities in the Post-Yugoslav Countries: The Legacies of Islam Act of 1912, In: Thomas Schmidinger (Eds.): 100 Years of the 1912 Islam Act of the Austrian Empire, University of Minnesota Press, 2013.
  • Civil society in the political thinking of European Muslim brothers, Journal of Religion in Europe, Vol. 5, Nr. 2 (2012). pp. 245-278.
  • Transition towards what kind of democracy? (Tranzicija prema kakvoj demokraciji?) Politička Misao – Croatian Political Science Review, Vol. 48, Nr. 4 (2011). pp. 71-97.
  • State and Civil Society as Defined by Muslim Brothers in Europe, Social and Political Science Working Papers, European University Institute, Spring 2011.
  • `The Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia and the Economic Emigration of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties` In: Stefanie Mayer/ Mikael Spang (Eds.): Debating Migration – Political Discourses on Labour Immigration in Historical Perspective, Studienverlag, Vienna, 2010.
  • Corrupted Political Elites or Mafiotic State Structures? The Case of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, HUMSEC Journal, Issue 3, European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy - ETC Graz, 2009.
  • Aleatorischer Materialismus bei spätem Louis Althusser, Synthesis Philosophica, Zagreb, 2007.