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LSE Kuwait Programme
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Ian Sinclair

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Kuwait Programme - Research

The Kuwait Programme conducts and facilitates original research into fundamental questions in the social sciences of relevance to Kuwait. Research is carried out by Programme staff, academics based in other LSE departments and by Visiting Fellows from Kuwait and the GCC.

The Programme prioritises research in the following areas:

  • Reforming the delivery of healthcare in Kuwait.
  • The consolidation of evidence-based policymaking in Kuwait.
  • Improving the role of the Kuwait Parliament in legislation and governmental oversight.
  • Expanding the role of research and development in the Kuwaiti private sector.
  • Improving the efficiency of the sovereign wealth fund in Kuwaiti development.
  • Economic and legal perspectives on diversifying the oil-dependent economies of Kuwait.
  • Public administration: Kuwaiti service delivery in a time of low oil prices.
  • Diversifying energy consumption in Kuwait.
  • Aiding sustainable urban development in Kuwait.
  • Examining and informing public policy to meet the challenge of global warming in Kuwait.

The Programme runs the following research projects:

Image: Kuwait Finance @Kuwaitelections2012, 2012
Image: Kuwait City @Khaleel Haidar, 2012
Heart Rate Printout @Cross Duck, 2012
Rows of solar panels @World Bank Photo Collection, 2010
Image: Under construction in Kuwait @Francisco Anzola, 2016
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