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Ian Sinclair

+44 (020) 7955 6639 


Kuwait Programme - People

Director and Kuwait Professor of Economics and International Development (endowed by the Kuwait Foundation)

Research Officer

Authors of research papers and research projects

  • Abdulkhaleq Abdulla
    Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, Emirates University, UAE
  • Duha AlKuwari
    Visiting Fellow, LSE Middle East Centre
  • Bader Al-Mutairi
    Nohoudh Centre for Development Studies, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait
  • Sharifa AlShalfan
    Short-term research fellow, LSE Kuwait Programme
  • Fahad Al-Zumai
    Assistant Professor, Gulf University for Science & Technology, Kuwait
  • Martin Baldwin-Edwards
    Co-Director, Mediterranean Migration Observatory, Institute of International Relations (IDIS), Panteion University, Athens
  • Sultan Barakat
    Director of the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit, University of York
  • Ian Brinkley
    Programme Director, Knowledge Economy, The Work Foundation
  • Edward Burke
    Research Fellow, Centre for for European Reform
  • John Chalcraft
    Government Department, LSE
  • Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
    Fellow, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University
  • Nora Colton
    Principal Lecturer in International Business - Royal Docks Business School, University of East London
  • Stephanie Cronin
    University of Oxford
  • Christopher Davidson
    School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University
  • Laura El-Katiri
    Junior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • Bassam Fattouh
    Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Oil and Middle East Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • Steffen Hertog
    Government Department, LSE 
  • Will Hutton
    Executive Director, The Work Foundation
  • Martin Hvidt
    Associate Professor, Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark
  • Mary Kaldor
    Department of International Development, LSE
  • Christian Koch
    Director of International Studies, Gulf Research Center, UAE
  • Hendrik Jan Kraetzschmar
    Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Leeds
  • Jim Krane
    PhD candidate, Electricity Policy Research Group, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge; author of the book "Dubai: The Story of the World's Fastest City; nonresident fellow, Dubai School of Government
  • Wanda Krause
    School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London 
  • Mustapha Lahlali
    Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Leeds
  • Stephane Lacroix
    Assistant Professor of Political Science, Sciences Po, Paris
  • Giacomo Luciani
    Gulf Research Center Foundation, Geneva
  • Nur Masalha
    Professor of Religion and Politics, St. Mary's University College
  • Toby Matthiesen
    Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
  • Guy Michaels
    Department of Economics, CEP, and CEPR, LSE
  • Neil Partrick
    Freelance Middle East consultant
  • J.E. Peterson
    Historian and political analyst on the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf affiliated with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Arizona
  • Greg Power
    Director, Global Partners & Associates
  • Paul Segal
    Lecturer in Economics, University of Sussex and Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • Nasra Shah
    Kuwait University
  • John Skelton
    Development consultant at To-Excel in Amman, Jordan
  • Silvana Tenreyro
    Department of Economics, LSE
  • Mark Thatcher
    Government Department, LSE  
  • Rodney Wilson
    School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University
  • Steven Wright
    Associate Professor of International Relations and Gulf Studies with the Department of International Affairs, Qatar University
  • Steven A Zyck
    Research Fellow at the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit, University of York

PhD scholarship students

  • Anastasia Nosova (2012-15)
    Topic: The development of private sector and state-business relations in Kuwait
  • Dana Kassem (2012-15)
    Topic: Economics of industry and microeconomic theory
  • Dennis Kumetat (2008-11)
    Topic: Transition management and the implementation of renewable energy policies in the Arab OPEC states: Case studies from Algeria and the United Arab Emirates
  • Serhan Cevik (2008-09)
    Topic: Resource curse or institutional sclerosis?: A historical analysis of economic underperformance of the Middle East

Short-term research fellows

  • Khalid Almezaini (2012-13)
    Topic: The politics of foreign aid: The case of Gulf States
  • Sharifah Alshalfan (2012-13)
    Topic: Social disintegration: A spatially produced Kuwaiti non-Kuwaiti divide
  • Salah Al-Mazidi (2011-12)
    Topic: Building a spiritual innovation, creative thinking and entrepreneurial culture in Kuwait
  • Khalid Al-Azri (2010-11)
    Topic: Knowledge-based economy, 'travelling universities' and socio-political change in the GCC
  • Habiba Hamid (2009-10)
    Topic: Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain ODA policies towards fragile states: Structure, status quo and policy recommendations - towards a GCC consensus

Visiting Fellows

  • Khalid Almezaini (2014-15)
  • Sharifa Alshalfan (2014-15)
  • Neil Partrick (2012)


  • Ian Sinclair