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Past Events 2013

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Protest and Revolution Across the Arab World: Reflections Three Years On
Wednesday 4 December

Speakers: Madawi Al-Rasheed, LSE; John Chalcraft, LSE; Ewan Stein, University of Edinburgh
Chair: Toby Dodge, LSE

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US Foreign Policy and the Iranian Revolution: The Dynamics of Engagement and Strategic Alliance
Monday 2 December

Speaker: Christian Emery, University of Plymouth
Chair: Roham Alvandi, LSE

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LSE Middle East Centre and Kuwait Programme Event
Iranian Foreign Policy after the Election of Hassan Rouhani
Wednesday 27 November

Speaker: Anoush Ehteshami, Durham University
Chair: Toby Dodge, LSE

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Egyptian Foreign policy towards Israel under Mubarak: From Cold Peace to Strategic Peace?
Monday 25 November

Speaker: Amnon Aran, City University
Chair: Toby Dodge, LSE


The Syrian Civil War: The Resilience of Civil Society
Friday 22 November

Speaker: Lina Sinjab, BBC
Chair: Toby Dodge, LSE

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The Strategic Significance of Changing Trade Patterns Between Asia and the Gulf
Wednesday 20 November

Speaker: Tim Niblock, University of Exeter
Chair: Danny Quah, LSE Kuwait Programme


Turkey and Security Issues in the Middle East
Wednesday 13 November

Speaker: Giray Sadik, Yildirim Beyazit University
Chair: Bill Park, King's College London


Re-Negotiating the Terms of EU-Israel Partnership: Normative Power and International Law
Monday 11 November

Speaker: Charles Shamas, Mattin Group
Chair: Federica Bicchi, LSE
Discussant: Daniel Levy, ECFR

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LSE Middle East Centre and Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey Event
Beyond "Strategic Depth": Islamism, Turkey's Foreign Policy and the Arab Spring
Thursday 07 November

Speaker: Behlul Ozkan, Marmara University
Chair: Roham Alvandi, LSE


The Iraqi Constitution: Structural Flaws and Political Implications
Monday 04 November

 Saad Jawad, LSE
Chair: Toby Dodge, LSE


Climate Vulnerability and Human Security in the Jordan River Basin
Wednesday 30 October

Speaker: Michael Mason, LSE
Chair: Toby Dodge, LSE


UAE Foreign Policy Before and After the Arab Spring
Wednesday 23 October

Speaker: Khalid Almezaini, University of Qatar
Chair: OA Westad, LSE IDEAS 


Modern Middle East Studies as a Distinct Intellectual Field
Monday 21 October

Speaker: Roger Owen, Harvard University
Chair: Charles Tripp, SOAS 

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The New Middle East: The World After the Arab Spring
Wednesday 16 October

Speaker: Paul Danahar, BBC
Chair: Toby Dodge, LSE

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A Most Masculine State: Gender, Politics and Religion in Saudi Arabia
Monday 7 October

Speaker: Madawi Al-Rasheed, LSE
Chair: Sumi Madhok, LSE 

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Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East
Wednesday 2 October

Speaker: Christopher Schroeder
Chair: Mark Schankerman, LSE 

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Contentious Politics in the Middle East

LSE Middle East Centre PhD Conference
Monday 30 September


Middle East and North Africa Regional Economic Developments and Outlook
Friday 28 June

Speaker: Massood Ahmed, International Monetary Fund
Chair: Danny Quah, LSE


The Thistle and the Drone
Wednesday 26 June

Speaker: Ambassador Akbar Ahmed
Chair: Christopher Coker, LSE


Reopening Turkey’s Kurdish Opening
Wednesday 12 June

Speaker: Michael Gunter, Tennessee Tech University
Discussant: Zeynep Kaya, LSE
Chair: Robert Lowe, LSE


Iran’s New Intellectualism: Trends in Contemporary Conscious Music
Monday 3 June

Speaker: Malihe Maghazei, LSE
Chair: Laudan Nooshin, Centre for Music Studies, City University London


Palestinian-Israeli Economic Relations: Repudiating the Paris Protocol?
Thursday 23 May

Speaker: Ephraim Kleiman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The Gulf States and the Arab Uprisings: Popular protests, counter-revolution, and the sectarian Gulf
Wednesday 15 May

Speaker: Toby Matthiesen, LSE Kuwait Programme
Chair: Kristian Ulrichsen, LSE Kuwait Programme


A New Middle East: Palestine, peoples and borders
Monday 13 May

Speaker: Ahmad Khalidi, University of Oxford
Chair: Fawaz Gerges, LSE


The Kurds and the Conflict in Syria
Friday 3 May

Speaker: Saleh Muslim Mohamed, Democratic Union Party (PYD)
Chair: Robert Lowe, LSE

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A Panel Discussion on Palestine
Friday 26 April

Speakers: Karma Nabulsi, University of Oxford; Ilan Pappe, University of Exeter; Rosemary Hollis, City University; Peter Kosminsky, Director of ‘The Promise’
Chair: Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

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Book Launch: The Politics of Business in the Middle East After the Arab Spring
Thursday 21 March

Speakers: Steffen Hertog, LSE; Giacomo Luciani, Science-Po; Marc Valeri, University of Exeter; and Khalid Almezaini, Qatar University

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The Politics of Nationalism in Modern Iran
Monday 18 March

Speaker: Ali Ansari, University of St Andrews

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Visual Culture(s) in the Gulf: An Introduction
Wednesday 13 March

Speaker: Nadia Mounajjed, LSE


Energy Security and Shifting Global Power
Monday 11 March

Speaker: Roland Dannreuther, University of Westminster

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Revolution as Gambling: Egypt Under the Muslim Brotherhood
Monday 4 March

Speaker: Hazem Kandil, Cambridge University

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Whither the Arab Spring?
Wednesday 20 February

Speaker: Fawwaz Traboulsi, American University of Beirut
Chair: Fawaz Gerges, LSE


In the Eye of the Storm: The History of Lebanon Revisited
Monday 18 February

Speaker: Fawwaz Traboulsi, American University of Beirut
Chair: Fawaz Gerges, LSE

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Phyllis Bennis: In Conversation with Fawaz Gerges
Friday 8 February

Speaker: Phyllis Bennis, New Internationalism Project, IPS
Chair: Fawaz Gerges, LSE

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Rethinking Diffusion: 1989, the Colour Revolutions, and the Arab Uprisings
Monday 4 February

Speaker: Valerie Bunce, Cornell University

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Is Jordan Immune to the Arab Spring Uprisings?
Wednesday 23 January

Speaker: Tariq Tell
Chair: Fawaz Gerges, LSE

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Revolutionary Riffs: Youth in the Arab Uprisings
Tuesday 22 January

Speaker: Nur Laiq, Arab Youth Project, International Peace Institute
Chair: John Chalcraft, LSE


IRAQ - From War to a New Authoritarianism
Monday 21 January

Speaker: Toby Dodge, LSE
Chair: Arne Westad, LSE