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young voices from the Middle East

iran_478We live in a Paradoxical Society, Ali Nadjian & Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh, Tehran, Iran

The LSE Middle East Centre, in partnership with LSE Arts, is organising conversation21/image, a photography exhibit featuring the work of young photographers from across the Middle East and North Africa.

The exhibition will run from Monday 19 November to Friday 7 December. Though young people under the age of 30 make up a majority of the population now living in the Middle East and North Africa, we rarely hear directly from them. In response, we tracked down 20 and 30-something photographers from 20 different cities across the region and asked them to send us a snap shot of what life is like for young people like them in their city today. The image could be of anything so long as it was meaningful to them.

Along with videos and stories from the photographers accompanying their images, the exhibition also offers viewers a chance to interact with the photographers directly as well as others via social media, hashtag #LSE21.

Featured Artists

Léna Maria|, Meknès, Morocco
Tin Hinan|, Algiers, Algeria
Wassim Ghozlani,| Tunis, Tunisia
Abdurrauf Madi|, Tripoli, Libya
Nour El Refai|, Cairo, Egypt
Yuli Gorodinsky|, Tel Aviv, Israel
Maphaz Yousef, Gaza, occupied Palestinian territory
Dima Rebeiz|, Beirut, Lebanon
Begüm Koçum|, İstanbul, Turkey
Lara Haddad|, Damascus, Syria
Humzah Azouqa|, Amman, Jordan
Hassan Maash|, Karbala, Iraq
Djinane Alsuwayeh|, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Rana Jarbou|, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Amira Al-Sharif|, Sana’a, Yemen
Ali Farhad Talahi|, Riffa, Bahrain
Deena Stevens|, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hani Macki, Muscat, Oman
Ali Nadjian and Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh|, Tehran, Iran

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