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The Yemen Revolution: the Way Forward

Speaker: Abdul-Ghani Al-Iryani, Independent Political Activist
Chair: Professor Martha Mundy, LSE
Discussant: Ludmila du Bouchet, Sciences-Po

Thursday 21 June 2012, 18:30-20:00, NAB 1.04, New Academic Building, LSE

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A year ago, thousands of Yemenis gathered in Sanaa’s Change Square, calling for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Though Saleh has stepped down and his predecessor, President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, has started the process of reforms, including replacing Saleh’s relatives and restructuring the military, these changes have proved challenging and led to greater tensions and divisions within opposition movements. Many protesters say their revolution is not finished. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia fears a spill over of violence into the Gulf and the US is focused on the counterterrorism efforts in the country. Abdul Ghani Al-Iryani will give a nuanced analysis of where Yemen has been and where the country may be headed.



Abdul-Ghani Al-Iryani is an independent political activist and development consultant with a focus on governance issues. Having earned degrees in Political Science and Healthcare Management, he spent many years in the private sector. Currently, he heads TAWQ (Democratic Awakening Movement) a trans-partisan political advocacy movement that promotes democracy and the rule of law. TAWQ's main activity at present is support of the national effort of drafting a new, more democratic Constitution. Abdul-Ghani Al-Iryani is a frequent commentator and writer on Yemeni politics in domestic and international media




NAB 1.04, First Floor, New Academic Building, LSE

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