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MENA FIlm Festival 2012 at LSE

Sunday 28 October 2012, 15.00 - 18.00, The Underground, Just below The Three Tuns Pub, LSE Students Union, East Building

As part of the 2012 MENA Film Festival| in London from 26 October to 2 November and in association with Al Jazeera Documentary, the LSE Middle East Centre will screen two Al Jazeera documentaries on Sunday, 28 October. Al Jazeera correspondent and filmmaker Hany Beshr| will speak at this free event held as part of the film festival's 'Debate through Film' Series.

"A History Lesson"| (2010) follows history classes in five different schools located in greater Beirut. Although the curriculum is standardized for all fourth year students according to a 1970 edict, through interviews with students, contradictions emerge among those from diffferent backgrounds and affiliations. It would appear that despite attempts to consolidate history books, there are still different versions of history.

"My Rag Doll" (2010) focuses on Walaa, a young Egyptian doll-maker who remembers how her grandmother told her not to play with dolls and how she treats her doll as her own child. Walaa's hard life experiences do not allow her to enjoy the dolls she makes.


The Underground, LSE Students Union, East Building

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