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  • Room COL 8.11
  • 020 7955 7702
  • g.gaskell@lse.ac.uk
  • Office hours: Tuesday 14.00-16.00 and by appointment at other times

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George Gaskell (Pro-Director of LSE and Professor of Social Psychology)


Joined the London School of Economics in 1973, having graduated from University College London (BSc and PhD in psychology). Research projects have included studies on consumer energy conservation, relative deprivation among and crowd behaviour, an evaluation of a programme of community care for people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour, cognitive aspects of survey methodology and more recently science, technology and society. In the LSE, associate director of BIOS - the Centre for the study of bioscience, biomedicine, biotechnology and society and CARR, the Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation. Outside the LSE, member of the Advisory Board of the Toronto Programme on Bioethics, vice chair of the Science and Society Advisory Committee for the EC 6th Framework Programme; chair of a strategy group on Science and Ethics within DG Research of the European Commission and advisor to the Netherlands Genome Initiative.

Research interests

Qualitative inquiry and survey research methods; science, technology and society; ethical, legal and social aspects of genomics; Risk and trust; economic values, attitudes, representations and belief systems.

Research projects and recent reports

Coordinator "Life Sciences in European Society", funded under the European Commission's 5th Framework Programme. This project involves researchers in 14 European countries, with associate teams in Canada and the US conducting a comparative investigation into the reception of modern biotechnologies in the public sphere. Time series data sources include public perceptions, elite media coverage and policy and regulatory activities.

Gaskell, George, Nick Allum, and Sally Stares. 2003. "Europeans and Biotechnology in 2002


Fundamentals of research design, qualitative methods including interviewing skills, theories and concepts in social psychology and the social psychology of economic life

Selected publications

Science, technology and society

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Beliefs and attitudes

  • Van Bavel,, R and Gaskell, G. (in press) Narrative and systemic modes of economic thinking. Culture and Psychology
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Social research methodology

  • Ten Eyck, T. and Gaskell, G. (2003). (eds) Comparative research on biotechnology and the public: Report to the US-EU Task Force on Biotechnology Research. National Science Foundation US, Arlington VA.
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