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Professor Martin W Bauer


Educated in Switzerland (Psychology and Economic History), and the UK (LSE, Social Psychology) and is currently Professor in Social Psychology and Research Methodology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a Research Fellow at the Science Museum in London. He taught internationally in France, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil and Bulgaria, and advised national and international bodies on the public understanding of science.

Research interests

  • Resistance in social processes
  • Representation of and attitudes to science and technology
  • Methodologies of qualitative social research, in particular textual analysis.

Recent projects

  • 'Science and Technology in the British Press, 1946-1992'
  • 'Science in the media across the Iron Curtain: Britain and Bulgaria: 1946-1995
  • 'Comparative Indicators of Public Understanding of Science'
  • 'BSE/CJD in the press: Britain, Germany, Italy and Finland, 1985-1999'.
  • 'Biotechnology and the Public in International Comparison, 1973-2003'.


  • Biotechnology - the making of a global controversy (Cambridge, CUP, 2002, with G Gaskell).
  • Biotechnology 1996-2000 - the years of controversy (London, Science Museum, 2001, with G Gaskell).
  • Pesquisa qualitativa con texto, imagem e som (Petropolis, Brazil, editora VOZES, 2nd edition, 2002, with G Gaskell).
  • Qualitative researching with text, image and sound: a practical handbook (2000, London, Sage, with G Gaskell).
  • Resistance to new Technology - nuclear power, information technology and biotechnology (Cambridge, CUP, 1995).

Scholarly papers

  • The Public Career of DNA - Long-Term Trends in Public Sentiment, Ciencia & Ambiente, (FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, May (2003).
  • Arenas, platforms and the biotechnology movement, Science Communication, 24, 144-161(2002).
  • Controversial medical and agri-food biotechnology: a cultivation analysis, Public Understanding of Science, 2, 11, 1-19 (2002).
  • Public knowledge of and attitudes to science - alternative measures, Science, Technology and Human Values, (2000) 25, 1, 30-51 (with Petkova K, P Boyadjeva).
  • Biotechnology and the European Public, Nature Biotechnology, Sept, Vol 18, 935-38 (2000) (with G Gaskell, N Allum, J Durant et al).
  • Europe ambivalent on biotechnology, Nature, 387, 345-347 (June, 1997) (with J Durant & G Gaskell et al.).
  • Towards a paradigm for research on social representations, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, (1999) 29 (2), 163-186 (with G Gaskell).
  • The medicalisation of science news: from the rocket-scalpel to the gene-meteorite complex, Social Science Information, (1998) 37, 731-751.
  • Socio-economic correlates of DK-responses in knowledge surveys, Social Science Information, (1996) 35,1, 39-68.
  • Resistance to change - a monitor of new technology, Systems Practice, 4, 3, 181-196 (1991).
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