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Dr Aude Bicquelet

Summary of interests and expertise

Dr Aude Bicquelet is a Course Tutor in the Department of Methodology. She holds a Master degree and a PhD in Government from the University of Essex. In 2009 she was awarded an ESRC Postdoctoral fellowship to further her work on Computer-based Methods in the Department of Methodology. She was previously an ESRC research officer working on public consultation in policymaking (Healthcare and Third Sector).

Her research revolves around the use and application of both Qualitative and Quantitative text mining tools to analyse textual data (i.e. Parliamentary Debates, Political Manifestos, and Public Consultations). She has worked as a consultant on various occasions (i.e. for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and for the Charity Commission for England and Wales).

Research Interests

Computer-assisted textual analysis; Data mining; Research Methods; Public policy; Comparative Politics; Citizen Participation in decision-making; Analysis of parliamentary debates.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

‘Debating Abortion: Deliberative Reciprocity and Parliamentary Advocacy’ (with
Albert Weale and Judith Bara), Political studies, 60 (3). 643-667, 2012.

‘In a Different Parliamentary Voice?’ (with Albert Weale and Judith Bara), Politics
& Gender
, 8 (1). 83-121, 2012.

‘Coping with the Cornucopia: Can Text Mining Help Handle the Data Deluge in
Public Policy Analysis?’ (with Albert Weale), Policy & Internet, 3 (4). 150-171, 2012.

‘Analysing Parliamentary Debates with Computer Assistance’ (with Albert Weale
and Judith Bara), Swiss Political Science Review, 13 (4).577-605, 2007.


Textual Analysis: Four Volumes (editor with Martin Bauer and Ahmet Suerdem)
Sage Benchmarks in Social Research Methods (In press. Expected publication date: December 2013)

Working Papers & Projects

‘Why do you Not have your say on European issues? A summative Content Analysis of Arguments expressed against the referendum from 1974 to 2010 (with Katja Mirwaldt).

‘Legislative approaches to popular participation: Institutional constraints and Political traditions’
‘Focus Groups on Neuroenhancement: Attitudes and Practices among British Students’ (with Ilina Singh).

‘Evaluating patients’ experience in online communities: The challenge of ‘Small’ and ‘Big’ Data


French (fluent)
Italian (fluent)
Spanish (intermediate)


MY400: Fundamentals of Social Science Research Design
MY421: Qualitative Research Methods
MY428: Qualitative Text Analysis (Course coordinator)
MY591: Workshop in Applied Analysis Software (Course coordinator)

Contact Details

Personal Website
|London School of Economics
Department of Methodology
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE
Tel: 020 7955 7919