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Dr Dominik Hangartner

Dominik Hangartner is Associate Professor in Quantitative Research Methodology in the Department of Methodology. After pre-doctoral fellowships at Harvard University, Washington University in Saint Louis, and the University of California, Berkeley, he received his Ph.D. in Social Science from the University of Bern in 2011.

Research Interests

Statistical methods, especially applied Bayesian statistics and causal inference for field experiments and observational studies; political behaviour, with a focus on immigration and attitudes towards immigrants.

Please visit hangartner.net| for more information about his work.

Recent publications

  •  "Who Gets a Swiss Passport? A Natural Experiment in Immigrant Discrimination" (with Jens Hainmueller), American Political Science Review (2013).
  • "Religious reasons in the public sphere: an empirical study of religious actors' argumentative patterns in Swiss direct-democratic campaigns" (with André Bächtiger, Judith Könemann, Ansgar Jödicke). European Political Science Review (forthcoming).
  •  "Circular Data in Political Science and How to Handle It" (with Jeff Gill). Political Analysis (2010).
  • "Die Untersuchung verdeckter Populationen: Eine Capture-Recapture Studie mit Heroinabhängigen" [Investigating Hidden Populations: A Capture-Recapture Study with Heroin Addicts] (with Thomas Gautschi). Zeitschrift für Soziologie (2010).
  • "Comparing Candidates and Citizens in the Ideological Space" (with Philipp Leimgruber and Lucas Leemann). Swiss Political Science Review (2010).
  • "When Political Philosophy Meets Political Science. Theoretical and Methodological Challenges in the Study of a Philosophical Ideal" (with André Bächtiger). Political Studies (2010). 
  • "Zwölf Jahre nach Letten. Die Konsumenten harter Drogen in den Zürcher Kontakt- und Anlaufstellen" [Twelve Years after Needlepark. A Survey of Heroin Addicts in Zurich] (with Thomas Gautschi). Swiss Journal of Sociology (2009). 
  • "Patterns of Parliamentary Discourse: How 'Deliberative' are German Legislative Debates?" (with André Bächtiger, Pia Hess, and Céline Fraefel). German Politics (2008).